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    Glass & IG Components
    The broken glass stabilizer from Dow is a spray foam kit using technology that secures broken glass windows almost immediately with fast curing spray-on polymeric foam. Users can fuse broken glass into a safe panel, patch window holes with a weather-tight seal and trap glass shards into a manageable solid, the company reports. The foam cures within one minute of application and secures all window... more »
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    Glass & IG Components
    Incorporating Glasslam’s new Air-Tight warm-edge spacer, the Air-Tight Sudden Impact IG System provides a new way to produce IG units that meet hurricane impact codes, the company reports. A layer of clear resin is applied with a proprietary process to one interior glass surface, creating a hurricane impact unit containing only two pieces of glass. The process is said to eliminate... more »
  • Glass & IG Components
    Tableau IG is a lightweight composite material designed to offer the elegant look and feel of wrought iron doors and window at a fraction of the cost. From Luna Piena, the material can be crafted to any size, shape or design. The product can be supplied in plain or textured tempered glass insulating units or separately for insulating within a company’s own operations. more »
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    Glass & IG Components
    Spectrum Glass introduces an array of aesthetic textures for home and office applications for add drama or obscure vision for privacy. Product offerings include Baroque, Quarter Reed and antique glass style Seedy varieties. The glass is available in .126-inch and .197-inch sheets to facilitate tempering and is suited for light commercial applications such as office lobbies, department store... more »
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    Glass & IG Components
    Developed for low surface energy materials, Adchem Corp.'s LSE SDL series muntin bar tapes are formulated specifically for Kynar 500 fluoropolymer, Vitrasil acrylic polyester and powder coated finishes. The tapes provide long-term indoor and outdoor adhesion to a variety of window substrates, including easy-to-clean and self-cleaning glass. The materials also bond to cellular PVC, vinyl, primed... more »
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    Glass & IG Components
    The new SustainaView Window Technology marketing campaign is designed to educate homeowners on the many environmental benefits of products incorporating Super Spacer, the no-metal, pre-desiccated, structural foam spacer system that provides maximum condensation resistance, durability and energy performance for windows. The comprehensive marketing campaign features product literature, a DVD,... more »