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    Stürtz Machinery Inc. will introduce its Turbo Welder to the North American market at GlassBuild 2015. This highspeed welder incorporates additional servo axes and higher temperature welding than previous technology. The latest design reduces welding time by approximately 30 percent per frame, according to the company. Stürtz will also show its latest Twin Head Corner Cleaner. Utilizing the same... more »
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    AquaSurTech showcases its Powered Painting Machine, designed to reduce investment and operating costs. The machine has a smaller paint line footprint and does not require an air makeup unit. Its painting application section uses up to three spray guns depending on the complexity of the profile, and moves the profile through at a controlled rate. The machine’s spray area reduces overspray... more »
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    Specialty Fabrication
    Using state-of-the art Omega bending technology to ensure consistent quality, accuracy and symmetry, PW Shapes offers a complete range of specialty geometric shapes for the PVC window and fence industry in North America. Capabilities include reverse bending, as well as radiused bending for bent glass. Wood trims and sealed units are also available. On-site bending die production enables the... more »
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    Linetec has changed from a traditional, caustic anodizing etch process to a more environmentally friendly acid etch process, it reports. The new process creates a frostier matte finish that helps hide small defects, such as die lines, flow lines, minor corrosion and scratches that may occur on the aluminum surface of architectural products, according to the company. Anodizing highlights... more »