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  • Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    Rev Series glass cutting tables provide several advantages in terms of increased efficiency and productivity, as well as considerably reduced costs, according to the supplier. From Glaston Bavelloni, the tables feature a lightweight yet sturdy bridge, moved by an electrical axis gantry that can achieve speeds of up to 130 m/min. Highly automated Rev SLH cutting lines offer  benefits in terms... more »
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    Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    The Erdman Sealant Injection System provides precise operation in corner filling and other volumetric applications, with repeatable accuracy of ± 0.10 gram, the supplier reports. With the handheld version, the operator positions the nozzle and triggers the hand gun, when desired amount of sealant is dispensed from gun the sealant will shut off and an indicator light will illuminate letting... more »
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    Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    Five new conveyors, including straight, pop up transfer, cantilevered finger, tilt top and skewed roller conveyors, are designed specifically to meet any glass handling application. From QComp Technologies Inc., the line includes integrated controls for precise handling and minimizing gaps between lites to maximize square footage through coating, laminating and tempering... more »
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    Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    Capable of increasing throughput by more than 50 percent, the TAPE MT1500 line enables IG fabricators to produce between 1,400 and 1,600 units per shift on a single line. From Besten Inc., the new equipment layout pairs two spacer applicators in a single line. Parallel processing with two applicators greatly improves efficiency and prepares fabricators for a future that will likely... more »
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    Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    The DM55 DynaDrum bulk adhesive melter from ITW Dynatec features a touch-screen PLC human/machine interface and includes field-interchangeable platen faces to accommodate various adhesives, an adhesive flow rate of up to 600 pounds per hour and up to 25,000 pounds of platen force. This product also features a seven-day timer, self-diagnostics, temperature setback, warning light and drum low and... more »
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    Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    The 4200L Series Auto-Glaze, introduced for wet glazing in 2005, has been upgraded to offer capabilities for true divided lites, exterior exposed grids, top bedding and gap filling, as well as standard wet glazing.  From Haeco, the 4200L uses the company's servo-driven axis and laser optic technologies to allow for precise motion control to produce consistent bead size and placement. Added... more »