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    Computer Software & Systems
    MarketSharp software offers home improvement contractors an automated approach to tracking contacts, generating leads and tabulating reports; plus provides ongoing industry-specific support and training. A product demonstration is available online or can be ordered at no cost on CD. more »
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    Computer Software & Systems
    The FS200WDCI profile measurement software from PLV Systems designs process-related, measurement routines to assist with corner cleaning, punching, cutting and welding. The system performs profile measurement, data archiving, image profiling, generation of statistics and more. more »
  • Computer Software & Systems
    A cutting edge integrated single database architecture and best-in-class configurator, providing a central point of control and integration for all product and engineering data, set Frontier's ERP solution apart from other ERP systems, the company reports. Its configurator technology, which the supplier estimates is a full two years ahead of the competition, has helped to establish the company as... more »
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    Computer Software & Systems
    WoodWare Systems' door shop Configurator Software adds efficiency to pre-hung door production by allowing for point-and-click selection of options for door and window units. The software manages inventory control, purchasing, production, accounting, quoting, order entry, warehouse management, dispatch and delivery, document management plus internet quoting and ordering modules. more »
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    Computer Software & Systems
    Two software solutions from FeneTech Inc., Max-Opt and FeneVision Web Center, provide money and time saving tools to manufacturers and customers, respectively. Max-Opt is an optimization program that considers both materials and labor to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. The software can optimize across multiple batches and by unique items or saws. The company reports a six to 10 week... more »
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    Computer Software & Systems
    RenoWorks Pro software allows dealers and contractors to input imagery of a client's home, apply design ideas and produce a photograph of how the proposed changes would look. The company says its software stands apart from similar products for its ease of use and compatibility with indoor and outdoor design options including doors, windows, flooring, siding, masonry, paint, decking, and roofing.... more »