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    Computer Software & Systems
    WoodWare Systems' door shop Configurator Software adds efficiency to pre-hung door production by allowing for point-and-click selection of options for door and window units. The software manages inventory control, purchasing, production, accounting, quoting, order entry, warehouse management, dispatch and delivery, document management plus internet quoting and ordering modules. more »
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    Computer Software & Systems
    Two software solutions from FeneTech Inc., Max-Opt and FeneVision Web Center, provide money and time saving tools to manufacturers and customers, respectively. Max-Opt is an optimization program that considers both materials and labor to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. The software can optimize across multiple batches and by unique items or saws. The company reports a six to 10 week... more »
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    Computer Software & Systems
    RenoWorks Pro software allows dealers and contractors to input imagery of a client's home, apply design ideas and produce a photograph of how the proposed changes would look. The company says its software stands apart from similar products for its ease of use and compatibility with indoor and outdoor design options including doors, windows, flooring, siding, masonry, paint, decking, and roofing.... more »
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    Computer Software & Systems
    CenterPoint is the core module in WTS Paradigm's field-based quoting system, storing all information about product pricing and available options, and incorporating a multi-level bill of materials. For some manufacturers, 80 percent or more of quotes come from dealers, and the system eliminates the need for any of these to be reentered manually, the supplier states. Quotes and orders feature... more »
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    Computer Software & Systems
    i-Sight software allows operations personnel to more accurately track and control manufacturing costs through the industry's first real-time reporting link with production machinery. The software enables machinery to instantly report actual material usage, cycle times and throughput in real-time. This virtual view of the production floor makes it easy for financial and upper management personnel... more »
  • Computer Software & Systems
    The Da Vinci Works GridLock Program from Opticut Technology assists with the design and construction of windows that have complex grille configurations. The program allows users to choose from pre-defined window styles, arrange them in the desired configuration, select the style and shape of grilles and then align windows and grilles with adjacent sections. A full scale image is then projected... more »