• Entry Door Components
    The Honeycomb Core from Sing Home is made from natural wood veneer implanted in low density foam. Offering lightweight strength and thermal insulation, cores can be combined with hardwood, softwood, plywood, fiberglass and metal and other materials to create doors and a variety of other building products.   more »
  • Windows
    The new 6500 series window line is the first replacement window from The Jordan Co. The company redesigned its new construction platform window to develop a product specifically intended for use in the replacement of smaller jamb aluminum windows. The window features a stainless steel coil balance, jamb adjusters, head expander, sill extender and a continuous head and sill on mulled units and is... more »
  • Entry Doors
    Window City introduces the Heritage Lifetime Entry Door System featuring a vinyl door frame. The company adds structural reinforcement to the frame to support the hardware and to allow door heights up to 10 feet fall. Homeowners can choose from vinyl, fiberglass and steel  door units, as well as sidelites, custom shaped transoms and multiple door configurations. Other options include co-... more »
  • prods_haeco.jpg
    Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    The 4200L Series Auto-Glaze, introduced for wet glazing in 2005, has been upgraded to offer capabilities for true divided lites, exterior exposed grids, top bedding and gap filling, as well as standard wet glazing.  From Haeco, the 4200L uses the company's servo-driven axis and laser optic technologies to allow for precise motion control to produce consistent bead size and placement. Added... more »
  • Prod_Lamatek.jpg
    Glass & IG Components
    Eco-Blocks are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional rubber or PVC setting blocks. Made from a proprietary post-consumer rubber blend, the setting blocks are compatible with glazing and insulating glass sealants. This product from Lamatek Inc. is available with or without adhesive kiss-cut on 3-inch cores. The company also offers customized options and will supply Eco-Blocks on... more »
  • Patio Doors
    The SafeHarbor vinyl impact resistant patio doors from Atrium Cos. Inc. have certified design pressure ratings up to 60 for sliding glass doors. This product meets coastal wind and hurricane debris code requirements, the AAMA hurricane debris protocols and is approved for hurricane impact zones along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. These doors feature a laminated glass system with a .09-inch... more »