• Vinyl Fabricating Equipment
    GED’s RC-2000 is a 12-axis robotic machine which offers PVC corner cleaning with repeatable movements. The machine’s Star Hub technology rotates to present tools at multiple angles. Chatter is said to be eliminated on a contoured surface, allowing consistency through orthogonal cleaning, engaging the tool at a desirable angle regardless of the contour profile, according to the company... more »
  • Door & Window Hardware
    Suitable for all frame materials, the new Roto Patio Inowa sliding system features the company’s smart sliding sash operation that uses a locking movement which does not require lifting the sash. The system uses compression seal technology and active locking points and its concealed hardware components do not protrude into passage openings, nor are they visible on the sash, according to the... more »
  • Frame & Sash Equipment
    The Stürtz SMI-HSM30/25TURBO high-speed TurboWelder is designed for double-stack welding of frame or sash profiles. The welder is available in sizes up to 4 by 2.5 meters and offers cycle time reduction of up to 30 percent, according to the company. more »
  • Wood and Wood-related Components
    Renolit film solutions, including its Exofol FX, are available in new colors for residential windows. The company offers Exofol IN, a soft interior film featuring a scratch-resistant coating and woodgrain designs, along with MLA film, designed for laminating wood and other construction components. more »
  • Other Products & Services
    Opera Job Management software provides working data transmission to saws, CNC machines, welders, cleaners and labelers for the production of round and slanted windows, cross sections and thermal insulation. It can also optimize cutting lists for different bar lengths and re-use of leftover materials, and maintain detailed machining spreadsheets, according to company literature. Other features... more »
  • Windows
    Aluplast’s energeto 5000 view window system features a concealed sash and a frame that can be fully integrated into the wall, resulting in a slim sideline. Energeto 5000 view considerably reduces the thermal bridge between window and wall, according to the company. Aluplast recently expanded the system’s available accessories, adding an aluminum shell and a new handle design for patio... more »