Armaclad Product Line Highlights

  The FiberFusion 1000 window system is designed to equal the richness and aesthetics of solid wood windows while providing the durability and unmatched performance of fiberglass. Screwless, non-mechanical corners are produced using a two-part liquid weld technology that permanently bonds the corners, providing weather-tight performance and incredible strength. Windows are available in three standard colors with two paintable/stainable real wood veneers, custom colors and hi-performance glass.

  The FiberFusion casement can be made 38 x 80 inches to meet any residential and commercial need. Top of the line hardware guarantees reliabitlity while the double and triple weatherstrip design keeps the weather outside, where it belongs. The FiberFusion window series offers real wood veneers along with a full range of standard and custom colors.
  The company supplied 5,000 commercial fiberglass windows to Castle Square in Boston, the largest R5 project in the U.S., it reports. With structural strength nine times greater than vinyl and two times stronger than aluminum, the Armaclad line can meet the needs of commercial projects while offering high performance. The system offers IG packages up to 1.375 inches, as well as windows that are impact rated and Florida Building Code approved. A variety of panning, mulling and clip and trim options are available.
  The DualTech Locking System to now offered on Armaclad's Encore Vinyl windows. One simple operation controls the unlocking and tilting in of the double hung window. The system is secured into a fiberglass reinforcement for  strength and reliable performance. The streamlined low profile lock also features concealed tilt latches for a clean, unobstructed appearance.
  Recognizing the need for peace and quiet amid the noise pollution generated by modern lifestyle, the Sound Barrier acoustical window system is specifically designed for noise reduction. The windows combine heavy duty vinyl profiles with various glass thicknesses and a secondary glazing layer. Utilizing various combinations allow the windows to meet STC Ratings of 40 to 45, meeting and exceeding FAA requirements for replacement windows.

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