Novatech Product Line Highlights

  The Mundo door evokes the contemporary style of the European wood door. It adds an exotic touch and warmth to your home. Open your door to a style that has travelled the world. 

  The Urbano door incorporates itself into contemporary style trends that are taking the door and window market by storm in 2012. The door offers a reassuring appearance that can set a home apart.
  Essentially, an idea that blends simplicity with a modern feel, this European inspired door is part of the new Design Collection. It features pure lines that will give your entrance a modern look. The LinĂ©a steel door is designed for those that dare to be different. Shown with Thermoformed glass.
  Thermacrystal technology is fully exploited in this door. The doorlite offers a rich texture that breaches the boundaries of stained glass with its wide beveled bands. The opulent charm of Eleos glass adds a touch of elegance and affluence to a home.
  Silkscreen and V-Groove processes are blended to produce this new Scarlett glass design with floral charm. The delicate engraving of this model provide a classic and private look that will add elegance to your entrance door.
  Prestige mouldings add character and depth to a steel door.  Shown on the Sydney model door with Mistral glass, the mouldings can be installed on one or both sides of a door.  Made of aluminum they can be painted and do not impact the insulation value of the door, as there is no cut out.
  The new decorative shelf for the Victoria door combines aesthetics and durability. Adding character and depth to the look of a front door, the shelf is easy to install and can be painted. 

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