Vista Product Line Highlights

       In Vista's Panorama Window Series, every window is planned with the whole system in mind. Vista offers a variety of styles, from double- hung and slider windows to furniture-grade bay and bow windows. Each style complements the other, providing a harmonious look and a total performance package.
  Once the window is closed, LockIQ automatically snaps and locks―all in one step―bringing peace of mind with a sleek, low-profile design.
  Panorainbow offers 12 exterior colors, with available custom color matching, allowing homeowners to design an exterior look that is unique to them. Combined with Vista's six interior finishes, including four popular woodgrains, the options are nearly limitless, the supplier reports. The exterior polymer coating system offers durability, heat resistance and sustainability.
  Shift Technology allows for unequal spacing between triple panes for optimum gas filling. Being able to use different blends of gas provides high energy efficiency at low cost, the supplier reports. Unequal spacing, combined with the gas, gives all Eco-Sure triple-glazed windows enhanced sound control for a quieter living space.
  OptiGas is said to be the first fully-engineered, automated, integrated smart-fill system for insulating glass. ThermalCERT verifies the gas filling process. With ThermalCERT by OptiGas, the U-value promised is the U-value received.
  Untreated glass is rough and porous. Contaminates like oil, hard water deposits, fingerprints and dust cling to the surface, and once water spotting occurs, it can become a permanent part of the glass. Made of a seven-part polymer, Vista's EEE-Z-Kleen coating fills in the microscopic peaks and valleys of the glass surface. This chemical bond makes glass more brilliant, more impact-resistant and easier to clean.

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