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  • August 22, 2011
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    Are Your Customers Too Busy?

    A recent blog from the Wall Street Journal hit close to home for me. The writer is asking readers whether they too suffer from what she calls her “home improvement inertia.” I think many of us fall into this category depending on how busy life seems to be at the moment. I will admit that it recently took a home alarm company three visits to my house to catch me at a good time (a ... more »
  • August 16, 2011
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    Are You Hitting the Road this Fall?

    I still have a week of vacation to look forward to, but I feel like summer is slipping away fast. September is coming and it will be back to school for the kids. For me, September also means hitting the road, as I’ll be making my way to GlassBuild America, the first of several industry trade shows this fall.What about you? There’s GlassBuild, the Remodeling Show, the Association of ... more »
  • Do You Restore or Repair?

    This week, we share with you news that a group of window restoration specialists is working to raise the profile of their unique niche within the window and door industry. They are developing standards for restoring and preserving historic fenestration products, older wood and steel windows in particular.These specialists, who enjoy the support historic preservation groups and others, also ... more »
  • August 2, 2011
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    Is Debt Ceiling Deal Good for Business?

    "The National Association of Home Builders appreciates the hard work by the White House and Republican and Democratic congressional leaders to craft a bipartisan compromise to resolve the debt ceiling crisis,” said Bob Nielsen, a Nevada home builder and NAHB chairman, in a statement this week. “It will help to put our nation's fiscal house in order and provide greater ... more »
  • July 26, 2011
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    Are You Looking at Multi-Family?

    Not too long ago, I talked to a window and door manufacturer that said his company was doing fairly well this year. He attributed his company's success primarily to growth in multifamily jobs. That jibes with a lot of what's been written about the housing market of late.Much of the improvement there has been in housing starts this year has come on the multifamily side. On the retrofit ... more »
  • July 20, 2011
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    What Will We Fight for Next?

    Window and door dealers are probably throwing parties as a result of EPA’s decision last week not to add lead clearance testing to LRRP rules. I don’t blame them—it’s been well documented that adding post-project clearance testing for lead dust would have added significant cost and burden to remodeling projects in pre-1978 homes.No doubt, the decision announced this ... more »
  • July 12, 2011
    THE TALK... | Operations

    How Would You Like to Read WDweekly?

    You probably noticed that today's WDweekly looks a little different. And if you look closely at the top, you'll see there's a link to view a new mobile version of WDweekly. We know many of you were already looking at WDweekly on your smartphones and we suspect many more will going forward, so we're pleased to introduce this new option today.And we will continue to involve. But we'd like your ... more »
  • June 28, 2011
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    Up or Down for 2011?

    Most window and door folks I've talked to recently sound more than a bit disappointed about 2011 to date. Sales are off at many companies and flat at others. It's not what people expected.   According to our Industry Pulse study featured in the January/February issue this year, 55 percent of our readers predicted sales would increase slightly in 2010 over 2011.  About ... more »
  • Are Building Product Generalists Dying?

    About six weeks ago, I asked whether window and door retailers were getting in the habit of “channel blurring,” a concept whereby former product specialists or niche-targeted retailers start branching out to carry seemingly unrelated products for the convenience of their customers. Like the Home Depot carrying laundry detergent or a window specialist carrying fencing or something ... more »
  • Are You Offering 'More Contemporary, Fresh Styles'?

    "At the heart of the growing trend toward 'modern traditional' residential design is the desire to blend the ordinary with the extraordinary," says a recent press release from CMI, announcing th company's new hollow core CraftMaster Conmore molded flat panel interior door. "Today, homeowners are seeking the familiar comforts of traditional design in more contemporary, fresh ... more »