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  • Are You Looking Beyond Windows and Doors?

    Marvin is certainly not the first window and door company to get involved in siding. There are plenty of building product distributors and dealers, and plenty of exterior contractors that handle both lines. There a number of companies that manufacture both too. It's still news, however, when a 100-year-old company like Marvin says it wants to look beyond windows and doors. They aren't the only ... more »
  • Have You Seen an Effect?

    No doubt it's too soon to tell what kind of impact EPA's lead paint rule will have on the remodeling business in general and the replacement window business specifically.  It's been less than two weeks since it became the law of the land.But I couldn't help but wonder, has the new lead paint rule had an effect yet?  No doubt, it's having an impact on installation crews.  I'd ... more »
  • May 5, 2010
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    Are We Seeing Positive Momentum?

    This week, I feel some positive vibes in the air. This is probably the most upbeat WDweekly we've published in a couple of years—newly-reorganized companies, new programs at existing companies, a new facility, and some pretty upbeat economic reports coming across the wire. Who are you and what have you done with my economic crisis??Perhaps it's seasonal, or a bit of a coincidence, but ... more »
  • Are We Getting More Colorful?

    This week's WDweekly suggests our industry is getting more colorful. One of our news items this week focuses on Soft-Lite, which has been promoting color options on its vinyl windows and doors for some time, but also seems to be part of a growing trend. Over the past year or so, a growing number of manufacturers have added new color and finish options or capabilities.Much of the activity is in ... more »
  • April 20, 2010
    THE TALK... | Sales & Marketing

    Happy Earth Day?

    Tomorrow, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. While there's no doubt we've all become increasingly environmentally conscious as companies and consumers, I think there tends to be a little extra "umph" in the marketing department when Earth Day rolls around. Some in the window and door industry see Earth Day as a chance to communicate about their efforts to be ... more »
  • April 13, 2010
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    Do You Have an App for That?

    I work with a guy who went ga-ga over the new Apple iPad. He had one in his hands within a day or two of its release, and I have a feeling he probably does just about everything but shower with it. Sure, he's a cutting-edge IT guy, but he asserts that he can accomplish just about everything he needs to do–busines and personal–on his iPad.So, in a similar vein, I have to give kudos ... more »
  • Should We Use R-Values?

    Last week, I asked about the impact of the DOE's R-5 window program.  One possible effect the program could have–which no one mentioned specifically, but which I have wondered about since DOE first announced it–was a possible shift away from the industry's usual use of U-factors to R-values. U-factors, as long as NFRC has been around, has been the standard way to rate the ... more »
  • March 30, 2010
    THE TALK... | Energy Efficiency

    Will R-5 Window Program Transform the Market?

    Last year, the Department of Energy announced the launch of the R-5 windows and low-E storm windows volume purchase program, designed to find buyers for highly insulated windows and match them with manufacturers that would offer such products at an affordable price.Checking the DOE Web site this week to see if they had announced which companies had been accepted for the program, I learned they ... more »
  • March 23, 2010
    THE TALK... | Products

    Will Tilt-and-Turn Windows Gain Market Share in North America?

    Coming to you from Germany this week, I’m walking the aisles of Fensterbau looking for new technologies that could make their way to North America. Of course one thing I’m seeing a lot of is tilt-and-turn windows. The standard in Germany and popular in many other countries around the world, tilt-and-turns remain a niche product in North America.When I first started covering this ... more »
  • March 16, 2010
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    Should Lead Rule Be Delayed?

    We're going to keep it simple this week. Sometimes we all deserve a break with a nice, easy yes-or-no question, so here it is: Should the EPA delay implementing the new rules for handling lead paint dust during renovations?We've asked in previous weeks if you were aware of the rules, if you were trained on the rules, if you were ready for the start date. But I want you to look beyond your ... more »