The Window & Door Team

Jenni Chase, editorial director
After joining the Window & Door staff in 1998 as assistant editor, Chase held several editorial positions within the NGA Publications department before becoming editorial director of Glass Magazine, the leading trade publication of the flat glass industry, in 2011. In her new role, she oversees the editorial content of Window & Door, and WDweekly, as well as Glass Magazine and its related publications.
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Stacey Freed, editor
Freed joined Window & Door in 2014 as an award-winning writer and former senior editor of Remodeling Magazine. A familiar face at industry events such as The Remodeling Show, Freed has been writing about and reporting on business and the building and construction industry for a decade. Freed is also former secretary on the board of the National Remodeling Foundation.
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Bethany Stough, assistant editor
Stough joined the NGA Publications staff as editorial assistant for Glass Magazine and Window & Door in 2013, and was promoted to assistant editor in 2014. As assistant editor of Window & Door, she is responsible for covering the new product introductions, business news, and personnel developments of the companies Window & Door serves.
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Window & Door also features regular columns from industry experts:

  • The Code Arena by Julie Ruth, AAMA
  • The Legal Department by Paul Gary
  • Industry Watch by Rich Walker, AAMA
  • From the Field by Jim Snyder

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John Swanson's Legacy

John Swanson, editor/associate publisher of Window & Door, passed away Jan. 19, 2014. He was recognized throughout the fenestration industry, covering the business for 26 years. John started his publishing career at Ashlee Publishing in New York City in 1984. He was founding editor of fenestration, launched in 1987, the first North American magazine specifically targeting the residential window and door market. There he orchestrated the magazine’s rapid growth and success until he left in 1999 to join the National Glass Association. John continued to serve the industry with his insightful commentary and editorial and strategic direction for another 14 years, playing a key role in establishing Window & Door as the number one publication in the business. Please visit the remembrance page and the memorial page for more information or to leave memories and condolences.