Top 100 Manufacturers of 2011 - Rankings


Air Master's manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico.

Category 8

Companies with Annual Sales between $30 Million and $40 Million

Window & Door's Top 100 presents the 100 largest manufacturers of residential window and door products based on annual sales. Companies are listed alphabetically within 10 sales range categories. See bottom of page for links to other sales range categories.


Air Master Windows & Doors
Headquarters: Barceloneta, Puerto Rico
Employees: 457
Product Lines: Aluminum windows and doors. Storefront, curtainwall and commercial products.
Web Site:

Amerimax Building Products Inc.
Headquarters: Plano, Texas
Employees: 145
Product Lines: Vinyl windows and doors.
Web Site:

Lux Windows & Glass Ltd.
Headquarters: Calgary, Alta., Canada
Employees: 150
Product Lines: Aluminum-clad wood, wood and PVC windows and doors
Web Site(s):

Northeast Building Products
Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pa.
Employees: 285
Product Lines: Vinyl and aluminum windows, entry doors, aluminum storm doors and windows, glass block windows.
Web Site:

Patio Enclosures Inc.*
Headquarters: Macedonia, Ohio
Employees: 700
Product Lines: Residential and commercial sunrooms, solariums and conservatories. Retractable and window and door awnings. Replacement windows. Solar shades.
Web Site:

Robert Bowden Inc.
Headquarters: Marrietta, Ga.
Employees: 185
Product Lines: Wood windows, interior doors, exterior doors and other millwork.
Web Site:

Thompson Creek Window Co.*
Headquarters: Landover, Md.
Employees: 200
Product Lines: Vinyl windows and doors.
Web Site:

Tru Tech Doors
Headquarters: Vaughan, Ont., Canada
Employees: 150
Product Lines: Wood-edge steel doors, steel-edge steel doors and steel frames. Fiberglass doors. Complete door systems featuring decorative glass, Arteferro wrought iron and Tru View mini-blinds, and multipoint hardware.
Web Site:

Trustile Doors LLC
Headquarters: Denver, Colo.
Employees: 225
Product Lines: MDF and wood stile-and-rail interior and exterior doors.
Web Site:

Vista Window Co. LLC
Headquarters: Warren, Ohio
Employees: 185
Product Lines: Vinyl replacement windows
Web Site:

Viwinco Inc.
Headquarters: Morgantown, Pa.
Employees: 210
Product Lines: Vinyl windows, patio doors and geometric units. Impact-resistant products.
Web Site:

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Window & Door ranks the Top 100 manufacturers alphabetically within 10 sales range categories. Follow these links to see companies in the other categories:

More than $1 Billion $500 Million
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$300 Million to $500 Million $200 Million to $300 Million $100 Million to $200 Million

$50 Million to $100 Million

$40 Million to
$50 Million
$30 Million to
$40 Million
$15 Million to
$30 Million

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