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The supplier of Super Spacer products will bring back its popular Edgetech University theme booth to GlassBuild America. Classroom-style, in-booth “quads” will provide attendees the opportunity to learn about green certification programs, Energy Star changes, IG certification and best practices for meeting the .30/.30 requirements of the stimulus act. Educators include Marg Webb, executive director of the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance; Michael Thoman, director of thermal testing and simulation from Architectural Testing; and Rich Walker, president and CEO of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Additional courses will be presented directly by Edgetech’s experts, including hands-on Super Spacer application and best practices for manufacturing triple-glazed IG. The company will also present its MythBusters structural simulations. 


Improved Premium and Premium Plus Super Spacer products rolled out this year help customers achieve lower U-Values and improve condensation resistance–up to 5.7 points higher NFRC Condensation Resistance Rating over the nearest competitive product, according to the supplier. Silicone Super Spacer Premium and Premium Plus products already offer U-Values that meet the needs of manufacturers to get U-values below .30, but according to third-party testing, the enhanced products can improve U-Values and condensation resistance further because of 30 percent lower thermal conductivity numbers, it is reported. 


To help meet the demand for total system compatibility, Edgetech I.G. has developed SustainaBlock setting blocks, which are available in a wide variety of material options, including the latest in stable silicone technology. The setting blocks are produced using the supplier's core materials, which provide superior long-term durability and UV resistance for a truly sustainable design. The setting blocks can be used to position, cushion and support glass in a window frame or opening, and are compatible with most sealant types. Offered in variety of sizes, profiles and materials, including silicone rubber, EPDM and plastics, the setting blocks can also be customized to meet color, material, packaging and self-adhesion needs.


In addition to its emphasis on education, Edgetech plans to feature a variety of its high-performance products and value-added services in its booth. It will also highlight its SustainaView Window Technology campaign.

Edgetech will exhibit alongside sister company, Lauren Manufacturing, located in booth #2123. The company supplies of high-quality, pre-packaged retail weatherstripping and custom-engineered polymer seals for residential and commercial window, door, storefront and curtain wall applications. Edgetech serves as an official distributor of these products for the industry.

Booth #2219 | 800/233-4383 |


Fenzi North America will showcase its complete line of insulating glass components, including Fenzi Polysulphide and Butylver PIB, Fenzi Molver desiccant, and both aluminum and steel spacers for insulating glass. The company plans to introduce a faster drying two-part polysulphide, allowing manufacturers to increase IG output.

Booth # 1031 | 866/899-6799 |


The supplier of window and door manufacturing equipment and systems is highlighting the ability of Intercept spacers to meet and exceed the 30/30 U-Value/SHGC requirements for the 2009 and 2010 Tax Credit, as well as Energy Star requirements now and through 2013. In addition to offering high performance, Intercept system IG units are manufactured using the most productive and cost effective methods in the industry, according to the company. The Intercept system offers material costs up to 33 percent less than all other spacer products, production three to four times over other spacer systems, and a reliable process for quality units versus manually-applied systems.

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Due to increased global demand for warm edge foam spacer, Glasslam N.G.I. Inc. has expanded its production capacity and capabilities to include silicone products as well as EPDM. Its line now includes Air-Tight the Generic EPDM (E-Class) warm edge foam spacer; Air-Tight Premier Silicone (S-Class) warm edge foam spacer; and Air-Tight Smart Edge, the One Step Product warm edge foam spacer with pre-applied HMB.


To support the spacer program, Glasslam is also introducing its new AirClip muntin key program. Designed for easy installation of muntin grids to all warm-edge foam spacer systems such as Glasslam’s line of Air-Tight spacer products and Edgetech’s SuperSpacer brand products, the molded plastic clips accommodate virtually any required airspace or application, providing a metal-free component for a true warm-edge muntin bar or Georgian bar unit. The clip’s design allows efficient ease of use with all manual and automated IG unit production lines, the company states. The non-metal construction of the AirClip makes it over 700 times less conductive than aluminum clips.  


In addition to its warm edge spacer line, Glasslam will be exhibiting its full line of architectural glass products at GlassBuild. Those products include its Decopane decorative doorlites and windows; Bevelpane decorative glass; Glasslam Laminated Glass products including Polylam, Safety Plus II and Sudden Impact IG System; and Supreme Storefront high performance hurricane and bomb blast resistant glazing system.

Booth 1019 | 954/975-3233 |



Two new glasses, Sungate 400 and Solarban 65 for residential windows make it easier for manufacturers to build windows that meet green building codes and achieve the .30/.30 requirements established by the U.S. government for energy-efficient windows.  Sungate 400 low-E glass is designed for heating-dominated climates and to meet Canadian Energy Star requirements. It has a U-Value of 0.28 and a solar heat-gain coefficient of 0.67 in a standard ¾-inch insulating glass unit. Solarban 65 glass, which has a U-Value of 0.25 and a SHGC of 0.37, is a value alternative to Solarban 70XL glass, said to be the industry’s highest-performing solar control, low-e glass.

The manufacturer also offers Sungate 500 and Sungate 100 low-E glasses and Solarban 70XL and Solarban 60 solar control, low-E glasses to help window and door manufacturers meet new building codes, .30/.30 and Energy Star criteria. PPG is the only manufacturer to have all its residential and architectural glasses Cradle-to-Cradle certified, it notes.

Intercept Ultra stainless-steel warm-edge spacers earn the industry’s highest thermal performance rating, according to recent National Fenestration Ratings Council thermal conductivity verification, the company reports. The spacers maximize the energy efficiency of windows by reducing heat transfer, resisting condensation and providing long-term durability.

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TGI warm edge spacers provide exceptional thermal performance, condensation resistance, structural rigidity and aesthetic appeal for residential and commercial applications, the company reports.  Technoform recently established 24/7 manufacturing operations to meet growing market demand for the product from IG and window manufacturers preparing to meet significantly tighter energy codes. The warm-edge spacers feature a unique hybrid design and offers superior performance as measured by independent laboratory testing. Additional performance benefits include exceptional argon retention; easy integration with current IG manufacturing equipment; machine-controlled muntin locations; corner connectors that incorporate argon-filling holes; and aesthetically pleasing sightlines. Several color options are available for a variety of market needs.

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Energy efficiency tops the bill for the Truseal Technologies booth at GlassBuild America, as the supplier of warm edge spacer systems for insulating glass will highlight a number of products and programs focused on providing higher thermal efficiency and promoting better energy-saving solutions. Specifically, the company will be featuring  Duralite, its third-generation warm edge spacer system said to offer the industry’s lowest U-value rating compared with other spacers. The no-metal, high-performance spacer enables window manufacturers to meet and exceed new energy efficiency requirements set forth in the 2010 Energy Star criteria, as well as the .30/.30 requirements for tax credits under the stimulus package.



Truseal also plans to reveal new developments in its award-winning Envirosealed Windows program at Glassbuild 2009. The marketing campaign simplifies environmental and energy savings messaging for window manufacturers and dealers by highlighting the thermal efficiency benefits of top performing spacer systems. Program participants can address the growing demand for green products through consumer-ready educational tools such as literature, point-of-sale pieces and a dedicated Web site. Marketing pieces tout benefits like lower energy consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions that are made possible by using Truseal’s Dura Platform spacers.

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Xinyi Glass offers high performance low-E IG products for residential use that meet requirements for U factor and SHGC of 0.30 or below for energy efficiency home improvement tax credits. The company is also launching a new series of high performance low-E IG units, incorporating hurricane glass and security glass for commercial curtainwall projects that demand high impact safety and security. An authorized laminator approved by both DuPont and Solutia for supplying hurricane glass, the company supplies a full range of glass products with ISO 9001, IGCC, IGMA, SGCC, ANSI-Z97.1 and 16 CFR 1201 certifications.

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