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Gearing up to introduce its newest equipment at GlassBuild in Atlanta, Billco Manufacturing Inc. will feature its new Remnant Storage System, designed to store then re-distributes unused glass leftover from the glass cutting process. This process optimizes and reduces waste associated with glass cutting. Additionally, Billco will debut its new Vertical Insulating Glass line. Featuring multiple zones that can be interchanged to accommodate each manufacturer’s unique processing needs, the line is capable of performing a range of processes including washing, edge deleting, gas filling, and secondary sealing, all with the fastest cycle time in the industry, according to the supplier.
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The global supplier of glass processing equipment is launching at GlassBuild America a new automated vertical manufacturing line for the fabrication of windows incorporating Sashlite technology. Capable of making both dual and triple-glazed units, the line will substantially improve upon the quality, finish and performance of Sashlite windows, according to the supplier. From start to finish, the equipment requires only four to five workers to operate, with a throughput of up to 800 integrated sash windows per shift. Other features include the simultaneous assembly, gas-filling, and pressing of a unit, and automated application of all sealants and desiccants. The line allows for any production sequence of rectangular sash formats and is capable of producing a wide variety of sash sizes, shapes and designs. With the equipment, manufacturers can make windows that comply with current and future standards set forth by Energy Star with a drastically reduced footprint with decreased energy, labor, material inputs, and waste, according to the company.

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The supplier's IG Secondary Sealer combines a state-of-the-art control system with the Erdman Fluid Metering System to provide consistent results at speeds up to 20 inches per second.  Sealant application systems are available to perform hot, cold, and two-part applications. Real payback is realized through reduction of waste, cleanup, and defective product, the suppler notes. Providing both dual and triple glazed unit capability, the equipment provides both automatic sizing and sealant application.  Custom models and sizes, as including standalone units and complete lines, are available.

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The manufacturer of glazing and backbedding machinery is highlighting the Versa-Glaze 1500, said to be the most economical wet-glazing system on the market. It uses Haeco's Trac-Flo technology  to provide a uniform bead of sealant of silicone or warm-melt glazing bead on any profile shape without gantry movement. Other machines offered by the company include the Auto-Glaze, available in the 2100 the 4100 Series, with a variety of standard sizes and optimum features; as well as the Pro-Set 3200, which safely positions glass prior to contact with the sealant or tape, eliminating sealant "roll-off," scallops and cracks. To compliment its line, Haeco has also partnered with Famatec, a manufacturer of manipulators, to provide glass handling equipment.

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An alternative to traditional marking systems using acid and ink, a sandjet system applies indelible logos and markings on glass products in one second, according to the supplier.  The supplier offers manual and automatic systems that both require little maintenance.  

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Cobalt GR systems deliver precise meter/mix capability to window fabrication, insulating glass processing and commercial glazing and curtain wall production, the supplier states. Single or tandem spur-gear pumps simplify adhesive and sealant handling and metering directly from their shipping containers to improve production efficiency and reduce residual waste. Intuitive PLC controls with touchscreen interfaces and easily-adjusted mix ratio controls simplify operation. Configurable systems handle any combinations of high-, medium- or low-viscosity materials.

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The Widetrack LS coating system for float glass produces a highly-controllable, uniform spray said to be ideal for anti-stain and other protective coatings. The system eliminates virtually all overspray and mess, and uses low maintenance, ultrasonic nozzles that will not clog and offer drip-free spray, according to the supplier.  

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The supplier of high-tech ceramic products for glass manufacturing and tempering is featuring its tempering rolls with Smartly Driven end caps in Atlanta. A mechanical end cap attachment system eliminates the need for conventional resin bonded systems to provide a superior performing product, the company explains. The new system addresses health and safety concerns in the work place by making the manufacturing process environmentally and ergonomically friendly.

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