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G2Loc Pile weatherstripping from the Amesbury Group Sealing Solutions Division incorporates a low durometer co-extruded layer with the G2 extruded backer. The friction fit generates positive retention and eliminates the problem of weatherstripping falling out during the fabrication process. The new product can be inserted by hand or by an automated process.


A new line of high performance multi-fin pile weatherstripping is produced with Amesbury's G2 process, ensuring  structural integrity as the pile fibers and fins are ultrasonically welded to the extruded backing. The unique fin configurations are all supported by rows of pile as opposed to traditional offerings, the supplier notes. The end result is a product that yields superior air and water infiltration performance for windows and doors. 

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For more than 40 years, Lauren has been providing a full line of energy efficient seals and gaskets for windows, doors, skylights, storefronts and commercial curtain wall systems. Lauren’s vertical supply of thermally efficient materials such as colored EPDM, silicone, TPVs and more are enhanced through in-house expert design engineers who act in partnership with customers to design a best-fit sealing solution for each and every window and door application. Individually engineered designs constructed from thermally efficient materials provide optimum sealing performance that virtually eliminates air, water and noise infiltration, the company states.


Lauren’s iDea seal combines unlike materials into a highly effective sealing solution, not only enhancing thermal efficiency and providing a superior seal, but also benefiting window and door manufacturers through reduced labor and manufacturing costs, the supplier states. These benefits are a result of the seal’s rigid base, which allows for easy channel installation during assembly and the EPDM bulb, offered in dense or sponge, which provides outstanding sealing properties including excellent compression set, abrasion resistance and a broad temperature range.  Overall window or door systems are said to be greatly enhanced by using engineered seals versus using commodity types.

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Recycled rubber today is found in thousands of products, from landscaping mulch to golf tee holders. Pres-On is bringing this concern for the environment to the protective separator pads and setting blocks it manufactures for the window, door, shipping and construction industries. Made from a blend of finely-ground tire rubber and plastics, the new eco-friendly pads and blocks are available in either EPDM or neoprene commercial-grade rubber. While some recycled rubber products may leave behind unsightly stains on metal or glass, Pres-On blocks and pads are certified to the most stringent stain-resistant testing requirements, the supplier reports. Superior impact strength, low specific gravity and weather resistance are other advantages of the recycled rubber. The pads and blocks can also be recycled again.


The company's setting blocks are designed to be installed inside a window sash, between the sash and insulating glass unit, to provide protection to the IG from the impact of sash opening/closing. They give needed stress relief when vinyl windows expand or contract because of varying temperatures. In addition, they will stop glass from cracking, while maintaining the integrity of the glazing bead.

When the job calls for the safe handling of fragile glass, windows, doors, and mirrors, Pres-On separator pads offer protection to employees and products. Set between the pieces, the pads adsorb vibration, maintain position and prevent breakage. Both the recycled rubber pads and setting blocks are self-sticking. Customers can also order adhesive-backed versions coated with an acrylic PSA that is non-marring.

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