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The ColorTru profile coloration system, designed as the most cost effective and production friendly alternative to painting and laminating vinyl lineals, was demonstrated by GED Integrated Solutions in Atlanta. The machine automatically transfers a decorative foil, while heat and pressure bond it to the vinyl profile. This new process ensures no de-lamination, no trimming of excess, an instant cure and parts that can be processed immediately, the supplier explains. With broad graphic, color and design capabilities, the foils are comprised of multiple layers of materials that do not interfere with the welding process. The process also eliminates the need and use of MEK for cleaning, and with no separate adhesive process, there is no mess, it is noted as well. A controlled series of driven rollers process the profile through the machine. Contoured rollers conform the foil to shaped profiles affording a throughput of up to 10 feet per minute. The modular system enables processing stations to be added sequentially to make additional profiles.

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A variety of standard and custom fabrication equipment were featured by Joseph Machine Co. in Atlanta. The company’s line includes saws, pusher-based saws, welders, corner cleaners, CNC machines, assembly machines and fabrication stations for vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and wood.

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The MC 305 Kosmos series CNC, available in a three‐or four‐axis version, is being highlighted by Mecal USA in Atlanta. The four‐axis version works on five sides of a profile, thanks to the rotation of the motorized table, able to accomplish ±125⁰ positioning. The unit also offers two work station capabilities, and three different vice positioning possibilities—manual positioning, positioning by spindle via programming, and motorized positioning accomplished by the CNC controller, the supplier notes. Equipped with a 6.5HP electric spindle, operating at speeds up to 18,000 rpm, the unit’s X, Y, Z and A axes are all CAD/CAM CNC controlled. An eight-position tool storage magazine with automatic tool changer is located in the middle of the base in its own protective enclosure. All the linear guides and recalculating ball screws are lubricated by an automatic centralized lubrication system. 

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Recent introductions from Pro-Line Automation include the CNC 6000, a dedicated sliding/hung sash processor that is capable of complete cleaning as well as all processing of a welded sash. The machine is capable of handling as many as 18 separate operations, with only two simple steps by the operator to produce a finished sash ready for glazing, the supplier states. The supplier has also introduced the MC430 in its Pro-Fab MC Series of stand-alone machining centers that address the labor intensive step of processing of parts prior to welding. The new unit is said to be capable of processing casement window systems, including lock and operator knockouts, as well as sash and fixed window frame drainage. For single and double hung/slider frames, processing functions include drainage, balance and mullion location and night latch routing for single hung frames. The multiprocessing machine cannot only reduce part handling, it also offers the flexibility to adjust on the fly for extrusion and hardware tolerances.

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With over 2,000 square foot of exhibit space, Stürtz Machinery featured a full range of cutting, welding and cleaning equipment for vinyl fenestration products. Its LinearPro Series of saws and fabricating machines features high speed linear motors for maximum output and unmatched accuracy, the supplier states. The saw on display will be set up for full fabrication to show the capabilities and benefits of the company’s design. It will also be demonstrating vertical four-point welders and twin-head CNC corner cleaners for both frame and sash. A full staff of technical experts will be also on hand to answer questions regarding vinyl fenestration machinery.


The Stürtz Compact Vertical Sash Welder is available in two different capacities to support various production requirements. Both machines are designed for double stack welding of sash profiles measuring up to 3 feet tall and will weld sash as small as 11½ x 11½ inches. As with all the supplier’s welders, fixtures are easily changed without any tools and the fixtures are interchangeable with those of any standard Stürtz four point welder. Welding sash up to 72 x 72 inches, the SMI-VSM-20/19CDS features a small footprint to allow the customer to add capacity without eating up valuable shop space or making significant changes to the existing line layout. Where larger sash are required, the SMI-VSM-30/19CDS provides welding capacity up to 118 x 72 inches with only a slightly larger floor space requirement. 


For double-stack welding of frame profiles, the Stürtz vertical four point welder is also offered in two different capacities. Parallel welding is standard on both machines, and both will weld squares down to 12 x 12 inches. Quick change tools are interchangeable with quick change heat plates said to make Teflon changes fast and simple. Both models feature an intermediate load position for the top pieces, which allows for easy, ergonomically efficient loading. The SMI-VSM-30/25PDS meets most customers’ production needs, with capacity to weld squares up to 118 x 98 inches. The larger SMI-VSM-40/25PDS allows welding up to 157 x 98 inches, making it ideal for customers making larger patio doors that do not wish to automate and have limited floor space, the supplier notes. The vertical welders can be outfitted with a custom automated unload system if they are set up for single tier welding. The unload arms reach into the machine from the rear, remove the welded square and then can be set up to either lay the welded square down flat or convey it down the line in a vertical orientation. This eliminates the need for manual unloading and handling of the welded squarest.


The SMI-CNC-2K-30-F twin-head frame corner cleaner has two fully programmable, CNC cleaning heads, with the standard cleaner incorporating two programmable axes per head.
The unit cleans two corners per cycle on sizes from 16.5 inches wide up to 120 inches wide.
Smaller squares can be cleaned one corner at a time. Even small squares starting at 12 x 12 inches may be cleaned by single-head operation. The large capacity cleaner will also handle profiles up to 6 inches tall with no modifications to the standard design. Though designed for frame capacity, the CNC-2K-30-F can be purchased with integral tilt latch routing and pivot bar drilling for sash applications. Each head houses up to nine modular mounted cleaning tools. Linear and circular interpolation using our “Motion Control” hardware and software allows cleaning of curved patterns. The machine is equipped with the new Stürtz user interface, including the Smart Visual Teach-In screens. Designed with ease of operation and maintenance as a primary goal, the unit features a full width scrap conveyor belt to bring chips and vinyl dust out of the machine enabling it to be easily and quickly cleaned up without interrupting the machine cycle.


Also featured by Stürtz, the SMI-CNC-2K-18 twin-head CNC sash corner cleaner also has two fully programmable CNC cleaning heads with two programmable axes per head. The machine cleans two corners per cycle on sizes from 11.5 inches wide up to 72 inches wide. Smaller squares can be cleaned one corner at a time. Dedicated for sash cleaning, the machine will accept profiles up to 3 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide. Standard tools include top and bottom horizontal scarf knives, a vertical drill unit from the top for cleaning the glass leg or accessory grooves, and a programmable saw blade for exterior contour cleaning. Optional tools are available to meet additional cleaning requirements. In addition to the standard cleaning functions, the unit can be equipped to perform such custom applications include routing, drilling and dimpling tools for tilt latches, pivot bars, lock and keeper locations, weep slots and night latch slots. An optional glass leg scarf knife is available in place of the standard drill unit. The sash cleaner is also equipped with a scrap conveyor to provide ease of operation and maintenance.

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The supplier of stop-gauge and pusher systems showcased its full line of products at GlassBuild America. The company demonstrated how a TigerStop positioning system equipped with the company's Clipboard software enables quick and easy work order downloading and management providing greater efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. The supplier showed attendees how to pull work orders directly from a computer network to a TigerStop and replacing the “paper chase” with increased data handling speed and a highly visual, real-time view of job progress. Reducing waste by at least 33 percent, the equipment and software can optimize each cut with the ability to make optimizing changes on the fly with Visual Optimization powered by Clipboard, according to the ocmpany. The systems attach to new or existing equipment and move the stop or push the material to an exact dimension for processing. With CNC technology, the TigerStop positions material to ±0.004 inch.

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The SCS 45/90B Computerized Vinyl Extrusion Saw features parallel guide shafts provided on the infeed table for slide rigidity, quick change grippers and a four-position turret for infeed fixture guides. To be highlighted by Urban Machinery in Atlanta, the unit can process lineals up to 21 feet with an independent saw feed using air-over-oil system, quick-change table top tooling and a 10-foot outfeed table, the manufacturer reports. Using 22-inch carbide tipped saw blades, the machine performs 45° x 45°, 45° x 90° or 90° x 90° cutting with speed of saw-blades variable via machine software. Secondary fabrication is also available. The 15-inch industrial power panel offers a combination control and visualization, with touch screen controls and on-the-plant-floor optimization, the supplier notes. Operating system and machine data is stored on industrial compact flash card, with cutting data loaded via one of two panel mounted USB connections or via Ethernet. The machine features precision servo motion controls and drives; remote actuation buttons for clamping; infeed jogging; an operation and emergency stop to promote productive operation and light curtain monitoring of infeed station for safety.
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