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New offerings in the EDTM line of instruments and sales kits for the glass and window industry featured at GlassBuild included the Solar Spectrum Transmission Meter, a new instrument offering the best accuracy of any type of field measuring instrument offered to date. It measures six unique performance values that are important to a variety of industries: Tuv, Tvis, Tsolar, Tir (from 900 to 1000 nm), Tir (for fuller IR range from 780 to 1700 nm +), and Damage Weight Coefficient. Specified in the ISO9050 and NFRC300 standards, the Damage Weight Coefficient assigns a percentage of 0 to 100 as to the ability of a given window product to resist fading and damage from the energy of the sun, the supplier explains. The lower the number, the better the performance of your product.


The company also featured its GC3000 Glass-Chek Pro, designed to identify types of low-E coatings and glass thickness. The device indicates if a low-E coating is a hard coat (pyrolytic) or soft coat (sputtered) product. If it is a soft coat low-E, the meter also tells users the number of silver layers used to make up the coating, allowing them to estimate the type of coating being used. This is beneficial for glass companies that use multiple types of low-E coatings for their windows, and sometimes mix up the glass or can’t identify the window out in the field. For window replacement companies, this feature helps them select the proper low-E to use in a window that offers similar energy benefits as the one being replaced.

419/861-1030 | www.edtm.com





A manufacturer and distributor of super energy-efficient windows and doors in the U.S., Intus Windows offers wood, aluminum, and U-PVC product lines that provide efficiency and sustainability, as well as a high level of comfort and design, it reports. Its line includes Passive House certified products suitable for any commercial, residential or industrial application. The passive house suitable U-PVC line features triple glazing with two low-E coatings, a wide variety of laminate colors, warm edge spacers for increased glass surface temperature and reduced condensation on the glass, and steel reinforced frames for stability.


For an extremely green window, the wood line uses timber grown in sustainable forests and is available as a Passive House Institute certified product line with super insulated high performance frames. The clad window features aluminum frames that are rear-ventilated and fastened to the wood using a tension-free holder that allows the components to expand and contract under temperature fluctuations without hindrance, the company explains.  Other features include warm edge spacers, triple seals for super air tightness and improved thermal values, and outstanding thermal insulation created using foam-filled insulating bars.


Intus Windows' aluminum line features highly insulated slim profiles that suit the windows to the most modern architectural styles and maximize views. Insulating features include polyamide strips to create a thermal break between the inside and outside extrusions, as well as foam-filled insulating bars. Glass units feature argon, krypton or other gasses betweeh the panes, as well as low-E coated triple pane glazing.

202/507-8439 | www.intuswindows.com




Plastic Technology Inc. offers sacrificial but recovering PE fused profiles, such as these corners, that can take impact after impact and maintain a safe cushioned ride for windows and doors. The profiles can reduce damage to products at a savings over packaging such as styrene, honeycomb, corrugated, bubble, etc., that often doesn’t work, the supplier states.

877/372-5833 | www.innofoam.net





Featuring the aesthetic elements of a French door with the durability and agility of vinyl, the Boulevard Series French Style Perfect patio door system combines fine engineering with beauty and simplicity to make it perfect for new home construction and renovation projects, the company states. From Skyreach, the wide sash door is available in 5-, 6- and 8-foot widths and a 6 foot 8 inch height. A variety of aesthetically pleasing multi-panel system combinations, custom sizes and custom finishes enable the door to meet the demands of the most discriminating homeowner. 


The Genesis Series Perfect patio door features added reinforcement in its stationary panel, which is fixed and glazed into the frame. With streamlined options, the classic door provides one of the most cost effective alternatives, but offers versatility through a number of configurations, as well as finish options, the company reports. The door is available in 5-, 6- and 8-foot widths and a 6 foot 8 inch height.



The Harmony Series Perfect patio door, offered in a choice of fully welded or mechanically joined framing, features a sleek, modern style. Sash stiles are reinforced to add strength and rigidity to the frame, and a deep pocket interlock  provides air and water resistance.  The doors are available in 5-, 6- and 8-foot widths and 6 foot 8 inch and 8-foot heights in single- or double-slider configurations.

866/903-8800 | www.skyreachls.com



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