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Exofol FX brand decorative film for window profiles, which replaces the Fast brand, is being featured by American Renolit in Las Vegas. The film features a base layer of polymethyl methacrylate that now includes solar shield technology, using infrared reflective pigments that reduce heat buildup. Two transparent top layers of Exofol FX include a middle layer of PMMA and top layer of polyvinyl fluoride film. These layers allow IR rays to pass through, while the SST pigments in the base film reflect them. This offers protection to the film, the glue line and the window profile, the company explains. With its low surface tension, the PVDF layer protects against dirt, chemicals and environmental pollutants.

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Thermal reinforcements provide similar structural characteristics as aluminum or steel products, but enable manufacturers to achieve superior thermal ratings, the supplier states. Reinforcements can be ordered in smaller quantities than most extruded metal reinforcements and shipped from the same supplier of the PVC profiles, saving the manufacturer inventory carrying costs and shipping costs.


The extruder is also highlighting the fact that it offers a full line of casement, double hung, and picture window designs for both the replacement and new construction market that can meet and exceed the requirements for the R-5 Volume Purchase Program. Extrusions feature the supplier’s SunShield vinyl technology for excellent color retention and extreme weather resistance. Incorporating new thermal reinforcements allows production of very energy efficient vinyl windows designed for up to 1-inch IG, Zone 4 Impact Miami Dade building requirements and DP65 performance ratings, it reports.

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SuperCoat, designed especially for window and door manufacturers competing in the replacement market, is durable color coating system, which is vacuum-applied and cured by ultraviolet light. Based on ASTM D3363-05 color surface hardness testing, the coating is 800 percent harder than competitive paint—testing to a 4H level compared to a leading waterborne paint at 2B, the supplier reports. The product is also said to be more environmentally-sensitive than paint, since it a zero VOC technology. Available in six colors, SuperCoat is different from competing systems and made available only to only Mikron’s partners producing PVC, composite or fiberglass window and door products. Small and mid-sized OEM partners will find that the vacuum-applied process is faster-to-market and less capital intensive than setting up typical specialty paint or coating systems, the supplier states.



New to its 1750 replacement series, the MikronWood double sliding window is being introduced at GlassBuild America. The MikronWood hybrid composite material performs like no other material on the market, providing a window frame that can’t absorb moisture, is impervious to rot, and is unattractive to pests, as well as offering significantly better thermal performance than wood, fiberglass or hollow PVC, the manufacturer states. Unlike other materials like fiberglass, it does not require pre-drilling or mechanical joinery. It can be milled and fabricated  like wood, but is also bendable and weldable.

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Designed to provide manufacturers with access to new markets with minimal investment, the PVC-Alu window is a complete PVC window in itself with an aluminum cladding that's managed as a new color, the supplier explains. To be introduced in Las Vegas, the new P.H. Tech line offers a range of colors with a top-quality look without requiring an overhaul of the production floor. PVC parts are manufactured without any changes. The only new equipment required is for the aluminum cladding at the end of the line. The easy-to-assemble system ensures competitive delivery times. Aluminum parts have corner keys to ensure a perfect 45° angle. Aluminum parts also offer versatility, to reduce inventory and ordering costs, the supplier points out. Sash cladding for casement windows, for example, can be used to clad the frames of hung windows, and the hung window frame extensions can be used to make panoramic windows. The new system enables manufacturers to attract a new clientele of architects and access the institutional and light commercial projects markets.

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The extruder plans to launch a new line of window systems at GlassBuild America.The new product designs are highly engineered while keeping in mind the costs associated with product switch-over for fabricators. By allowing for different glazing enhancements to fit specific needs, the line provides manufacturers with versatility to produce residential, commercial, impact, sound control or any such combination, the supplier states. The profiles systems are designed for energy efficiency, enabling manufacturers to develop products that will meed market needs for the next 20 years, including R-5 and beyond, the company reports. Veka Inc. plans to preview the new systems and branding in Las Vegas and will officially release the products to its fabricator base in the first quarter of 2011.

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