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Hotver 2000, a one-part hot melt butyl, is specially formulated to give IG units the best mechanical properties to last the longest in the field, the supplier states.  From Fenzi North America, the sealant incorporates a  mixture of butyl rubbers and synthetic polymers and  runs on standard hot-melt pumping equipment.

The supplier offers a complete line of products to meet IG fabrication needs, including Alu Pro aluminum spacer profiles, Roll Tech Chromatech Ultra and stainless steel warm edge spacers, and Fenzi Thermaledge spacer profiles.  Other products include Thiover IG polysulphide, Molver 3A desiccant and Butylver PIB in black and gray.

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ClimaGuard HiLightR represents the latest advanced glass technology from Guardian Industries designed to provide solutions for rigorous new energy codes and Energy Star standards in the Northern U.S. and Canada. By pairing ClimaGuard Low-E coatings on the two sides of a single pane of glass, the manufacturer intensifies the insulation of residential windows without changing the window design and without increasing the amount of glass. The new glass can help a double-glazed window generate energy rating scores that outperform triple-glazed windows, with light transmission that rivals clear glass, according to the company. When used as the interior pane of a double-glazed window, the new glass is said to cut the rate of heat loss–as measured as center of glass U-factor–by 18 percent.  A typical insulating glass unit can achieve a a U-factor of .22, and visible light transmission of 79 percent, easily distancing itself from similar products, the company reports.

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PPG Industries

The manufacturer highlighted its new PPG Residential Service Center in Carlisle, Pa., a full-service insulating glass unit fabrication facility that can help residential window manufacturers manage overflow work or outsource the production of double- or triple-pane units. The facility is equipped with GED Integrated Solutions’ Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System (Atlas), which can produce triple-pane, R-5 IG units at a rate of three per minute, six times faster than is possible with most conventional IG unit manufacturing methods, the company reports. The Atlas project is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, it is noted.

PPG also introduced Sungate 600 glass and Sunclean self-cleaning glass, both targeted at the commercial building market. Sungate 600 glass is a multifunctional, low-E glass designed to enhance the insulating performance of buildings in a variety of climates and applications. SunClean self-cleaning glass, which PPG introduced nearly a decade ago for the residential construction market, is targeted at skylights, canopies, walkway covers, glass shading devices and other sloped or difficult-to-access commercial applications.

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The supplier is showcasing a variety of products that enable IG manufacturers and glass processors designed to add decorative glass production for minimal cost and minimal hassle.  RegaLead's line includes an adhesive overlay system which bonds glass bevels, colored film and lead strip to plain glass, enabling companies to produced a value-added offering with minimal investment. New introductions include ColorSpray, said to provide a low cost way for backspraying glass.

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