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The Premiere 3000 multipoint lock is designed to feature a deadbolt above the handle, with the deadbolt operating independently from other locking points to allow the consumer to secure door without throwing all locking points. From Amesbury, the hardware also uses a standard five-pin American style key cylinder–easily rekeyed with keyed-alike options available, the supplier notes. With an anti-slam mechanism built into the gearbox to prevent damage on strike plates, the hardware features a 1-inch shoot bolt and deadbolt throw with shoot tip, tongue, rhino hook and roller lock options available. Available in 35 mm, 45 mm and 60 mm backsets for use in standard 16 mm and 20 mm eurogroove designs, the stainless steel hardware is offered in standard cut-down configurations, with custom configurations of locking point and length options available.

With the acquisition of Unique Balance International, Amesbury has expanded its product offering to include the 3/8-inch Super Heavy Duty Spiral Balance, along with a Lite Lift and a Super Lift balance. The Super Heavy Duty Spiral offers a powerful balance in a small package, accommodating weights from 30 pounds to 52 pounds, and, when used in tandem, handling as much as 104 pounds. The Lite Lift and Super Lift are Class 5 balances which can accommodate weight ranges from 10 pounds to 130 pounds while offering the most overall travel and greatest length capacity–up to 72 inches, the manufacturer supports.

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The DualTech V2 integrated sash lock and tilt latch system has been expanded recently to fit about 70 percent of existing vinyl window designs requiring only a basic one-step route operation, the supplier states. To be featured at GlassBuild, the hardware installs in less than 30 seconds with a simple swing of the lock lever. In addition, DualTech performs up to DP70+ by integrating a strong glass-filled nylon latch below the surface of the sash, and preserving the structure of the weld bead, the supplier reports.  Providing an attractive visual design with streamlined lock visuals and high-end finishes, the concealed tilt latch enables manufacturers to achieve a cleaner premium appearance with true market distinction. The system is also flexible for sliding window applications, and offers an optional stand-alone lock and latch for an economical solution on the upper sash.


The Optima casement operator and locking system for vinyl windows delivers up to 400 percent more water resistance beyond any known competitive offering, the manufacturer claims. Watertight O-ring seal technology integrated within the operator helps protect homes from potential water and mold damage. The multipoint lock offers a progressive lock-up mechanism that delivers 30 percent more vertical motion for maximum sash pull-in to close the window. Interlocking points will withstand 450 pounds of force to help pass up to AAMA DP 70, as well as Dade County Impact, the company states. An attractive visual design is enhanced by a choice of trend-setting finishes that includes oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel.

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At GlassBuild, Caldwell Manufacturing Co. North America LLC will feature operating windows utilizing several of its new product developments as well as products from companies it has recently acquired. Included in the display will be an interactive Lean Manufacturing work station featuring the Box to Pocket Roller Tilt Cartridge System.

The supplier will also provide live demonstrations of its intranet Technology Work Center. Visitors wlil have the opportunity to receive a secure password allowing continued access to the site.

FInally, a variety of Magnum hinges manufactured by Caldwell's Advantage Manufacturing division will be on display and demonstrated in operating windows.

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Described as a revolutionary new development in casement window hardware, the Nova Slim casement locking handle features a super low-profile design that eliminates interference with blinds and window treatments. Available in powder-coat and architectural finishes, the sleek, sophisticated hardware features an aesthetic flush mount design for vinyl casement window applications. The handle works in conjunction with Nova multipoint casement locking hardware, engineered to optimize security, ease of operation and flexibility.

Interlock is also introducing a new family of Nova casement operators and hinges for vinyl, wood and aluminum applications, including dual-arm, single-arm, dyad and awning operators. Built for heavy sash weights, the Nova Dual Arm casement operator ensures smooth operation for extra large windows. A convenient snap-on cover is designed for quick installation and convenient transport without compromising elegance. Featuring a two-directional fixing design for superior strength and stability, the new operator series is also is available in stainless steel to provide maximum corrosion resistance in harsh coastal environments. Also providing both performance and flexibility, the new hinge series includes the 10-inch Nova Clean, 10-inch Nova Egress, 13-inch Nova Clean and 18-inch Nova Awning.


The Intuition sliding door handle is said to offer the ultimate in comfort and convenience for the homeowner. Unlike other sliding door hardware, the handle provides ergonomic One-Motion operation–the homeowner unlocks and opens the door in a single fluid motion, the supplier explains. In reverse, the door closes and locks in the same single fluid motion. From Interlock USA, the handle features a modern design that does not protrude into the glass area, enhancing the sightlines of any sliding door.

In Las Vegas, Interlock is introducing a new exterior pull to complement the Intuition handle. The newly designed pull, available in locking and non-locking options.provides for easy panel operation from the outside. Designed for single and multi-panel applications, the hardware line works in conjunction with the supplier's slim backset mortise locking system. For large-scale vinyl, metal and wood sliding doors, the handle provides a unique opportunity for door manufacturers to differentiate their products from the competition, the company states.


Also being featured is the new all stainless steel version of the Siegenia-Aubi Titan AF-X tilt-and-turn system.  Available for both single- and double-sash windows, the hardware combines superior aesthetics and maximum corrosion resistance. A truly eco-friendly product, the system not only offers extreme durability and a long service life, but it was produced without any additional chemical or galvanization treatments, the supplier points out. The hardware is said to be ideal for harsh coastal environments and provide maximum security up to class WK/RC2.



Providing generous access to the outdoors without compromising security, aesthetics or ease of use, the HS Portal line of lift/slide hardware from Siegenia-Aubi has been specially developed for smooth, effortless movement of large-scale sliding patio doors. A new Comfort Gear, equipped with an integrated tension spring, is now available for the HS300. As the sash is lowered into the locking position, the spring is compressed by the sash’s own weight, which reduces the force needed to lift the sash into the slide position and makes it easier to move. In addition, the new spring design reduces uncontrolled recoil of the handle when the sash is lowered. The hardware also features a new roller design, that enables the door to be easily adjusted up 3 mm after the panel is installed, overcoming installation challenges. The line of hardware for wood, vinyl and aluminum applications can move a 40-foot-wide window surface in one operation, ensuring that sash weights up to 880 lbs can be safely, comfortably and easily operated, the supplier reports. Additionally, with up to six locking points, welded seals for superior water performance, and a threshold that has achieved 12 psf of water pressure, the HS PORTAL is ideal for impact-certified hurricane applications.

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Being able to safely and securely operate a window which has safe guards in place to help control the windows opening so as to prevent accidental falls, while at the same time being able to be easily opened for egress purposes in case of an emergency, is critical in today’s building projects. While components have been introduced previously for hung/sliding windows, Truth Hardware’s SafeGard window opening control device is said to be the first to provide a solution for casement windows. Reliable, easy to install and easy to operate, the hardware meets today’s more stringent safety requirements such as ASTM F2090-10.

Also being featured at GlassBuild is the High Performance Hinge. New energy specifications and requirements for increased window performance has necessitated the need for sashes to contain triple pane and or laminated glass. This, combined with the move towards larger windows, has pushed the envelope on what standard duty concealed casement hinges can handle. The new hinge provides the performance and weight carrying capabilities to enable window manufacturers to meet these demanding new requirements, the supplier states. The hinge can support a 140-pound sash which allows manufacturers to use triple pane and laminated glass packages in larger windows. An innovative shoe design with a built-in roller reduce friction during operation thereby providing smoother travel even under maximum load, the company also notes. 

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