Recruiting Stars: Ideas for Recruiting Great Candidates

February 13, 2008

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    • Word of Mouth. Spread word-of-mouth information about the position availability, or eventual availability, to each employee so they can constantly look for superior candidates in their networks of friends and associates. Use trade show booth time to meet and get to know potential candidates as well as customers.
    • Take Advantage of Your Industry Contacts, Association Memberships and Trade Groups for Recruiting Candidates. Pay for employees to participate in and network in industry groups, conferences and trade shows. Periodically, create master lists of industry leaders and other potential employees from customers, colleagues, coworkers and friends.
    • Develop a plan for contacting these people systematically and regularly.
    • Never stop recruiting. Bring people in for interviews before you have an available position.
    • Create an employee referral program. Offer a referral or bonus program for current employees as an added incentive for them to keep an eye out for future employees for you.
    • Check references. References supplied by potential candidates are a great way to find additional and passive candidates.
    • Network. Use sites like LinkedIn, Craigslist, and other online professional free networking sites to tap into more passive candidates who may not actively be seeking a new career by the traditional means of online job boards.
    • Use Your Web Site for Recruiting Candidates. Make sure your career section of your website includes telling and "selling," potential employees about the vision, mission, values and culture of your company. If not, you are missing out on one of the most important recruiting tools you have to appeal to prospective high-potential employees.

This week's tip contributed by Carlyn Burns, president of Prolyn Executive Search, striving to deliver the best in high-value, quality and efficient recruitment services exclusively in the window and door industry, nationwide.

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