Familiarize Yourself, and Your Staff, with Testing Standards

April 2, 2008

Testing regulations and methods are being developed and implemented every day. Do you know what they are? Are you intimately familiar with their use, and more importantly, their abuse? Testing standards are valuable tools used by this industry to examine, investigate, and trace problems. Sometimes the tests are useful to exclude a product from consideration as a potential source of intrusion. Other times, tests can be helpful in identifying the specific problem experienced. In both instances, appropriate consideration and interpretation of the results are useful to companies. These tests are, of course, subject to abuse in situations where the data and results are misinterpreted, or worse misconstrued to try and prove a product problem. Training personnel in the use and potential abuse points of product testing can go a long way toward providing your company with information about what is a real product problem and what is creative interpretation.

Paul R. Gary and Matthew A. Johnson are attorneys at the Portland, Ore.-based Gary Law Group. They can be reached at 503/227-8424 and on the Web at www.prgarylaw.com.