Quality Control: Spend a Little Now, Save a Lot Later

April 23, 2008

What is more expensive, a dollar now or twenty dollars three years from now? The timing of that question can influence the response, but in the end a company’s viewpoint must always be to the future. And, if future growth is the goal then the dollar now seems like a bargain. It is this precise issue that underlies quality control in any product manufacturing industry. Upfront expenses directed at detection of problems through implementation of a good quality control program seek to avoid the preventative costs of problems in the future. The costs of addressing problems through a customer service plan are always higher than an effective quality control plan. While the return is not easily measured, the avoidance of claims and litigation related to product quality issues is a valuable investment. Quality, and the accompanying industry presence, directly impacts a company’s bottom line.

Paul R. Gary and Matthew A. Johnson are attorneys at the Portland, Ore.-based Gary Law Group. They can be reached at 503/227-8424 and on the Web at www.prgarylaw.com.