Empower Your Employees

May 23, 2007


Encourage your employees to brag about you as the Company of Choice. Give your employees total permission to promote your company. Help them to appreciate the value of powerful marketing and promotion. Discuss new promotional ideas with them and get their feedback. Explain your marketing strategies to them so that they feel involved in the process. Give permission to your vendors and trade partners to boast about your company as well. Reassure your employees, vendors and trade partners that when everyone promotes your company, everyone earns more money.


WDweekly's Marketing Tip of the Week is prepared by Paul Montelongo, a nationally recognized speaker, author, syndicated columnist and entrepreneurial consultant based in San Antonio, TX. He has built two multi-million dollar construction companies and authored several books about marketing strategies for construction and related industries. More information about his services is available at www.paulmontelongo.com, and he has a Web site geared specifically toward the construction industry at www.contractorofchoice.com.