Always Think Customer Service

June 4, 2008

When is “customer service” more than just customer service? Every time. When your field service personnel are interacting with a client, customer, or frustrated homeowner, they are doing more than simply investigating and diagnosing what ails a particular window or door. In fact, they are the company’s eyes, ears, and mouthpiece. With that level of direct, personal interaction and observation, these employees need training and direction from the corporate level about what to say, and sometimes more importantly, what not to say. Problems, claims, and lawsuits all begin somewhere. And, while customer service technicians may not be the start of the issue, their skills at remedying the window as well as addressing the needs of the customer standing before them can control whether that broken latch remains the proverbial molehill or gets turned into a mountain.

Paul R. Gary and Matthew A. Johnson are attorneys at the Portland, Ore.-based Gary Law Group. They can be reached at 503/227-8424 and on the Web at