Are Customers Willing to Pay for More?

John G. Swanson
May 20, 2009
THE TALK... | Aesthetics & Style

Bits and pieces of bad news continue to linger in the industry, so I wanted to share something positive I see happening right across the street from where I live.  The apartment building there is in the midst of a window replacement and they appear to be doing the upgrade right.

It's an older building that probably started with wood windows that were replaced years ago with single-pane aluminum windows (like I still have in my apartment).  The replacement job is part of an upgrade to the building's energy efficiency, but I'm particularly pleased to see they are also spending the money for an aesthetic upgrade as well.  The new wood windows feature SDLs and they're even opening up the walls to eliminate the need for air conditioning units in the windows.

Sorry if you haven't been round the industry long enough to answer this week's poll question, but I'd like to see if others out there are like me, and see jobs like this as an example of a positive long term trend. Does price matter less than it did 10 years ago?  And, of course, I'd like to hear more from you too.  Email me and share your thoughts. 

Does price matter less than it did 10 years ago?
Yes, people want more features and will pay more to get them.
Some market segments have changed, others have not.
No, price is still king with most customers.

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