Movement to Multipoint

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Big demand for big doors may be attracting a lot of attention, but Dan Gray, Roto Frank of America’s director of sales and marketing, says one of the biggest trends in the patio door market continues to be the shift to multipoint locking systems. “That’s where we see the trends going, two-, six- and eight-point locking systems in the standard sliding patio doors, and hardware upgrades,” he says. “Part of it has to do with fabricators looking for a way to differentiate their products and turn the focus from new construction to the replacement market.

The focus is on upgrading, and one way to do that is through enhanced security. It’s a no-brainer, he continues. He also sees door manufacturers paying more attention to hardware style. More elegant, sleek handle sets are hitting the market some zinc, some aluminum; even composite plastic handles despite the perception that composite materials are inferior.