The Final Countdown

Emily Kay Thompson
August 8, 2015
COLUMN : Opening Remarks | Operations

The entire team at NGA\WDDA headquarters has been gearing up for GlassBuild America and Window & Door Dealer Days literally all year. And, in actuality, this event has been many years in the making. The Dream Showroom, Express Learning, the Keynote address—they’ve all been ideas that have been incubating for quite some time now. So you can only imagine what the energy is like now that we’re on the final countdown.

You can tell how much we’ve had GlassBuild America and Window & Door Dealer Days on the brain throughout the pages in this issue. Though the connections between the magazine content and the show are always there, we decided to make them more visible. The point is to illustrate how what you see in print will come to life in Atlanta.

What we do in each issue of the magazine plays out somehow at the show. We take ideas from print and web and find ways to animate them on the show floor. For example, a handful of our ace columnists will share their thoughts during Window & Door Dealer Days; the products you read about are available to touch and see; and the companies and people you’ve connected with via phone and email will be available for face-to-face conversations.

And vice-versa: the ideas we have to make GlassBuild America and Window & Door Dealer Days can’t-miss events play out in print. You’ll see this in our showroom coverage in particular, which picks up in this issue where we left off in June/July. The Dream Showroom—part of Window & Door Dealer Days, which you’ll have ample opportunity to read about on the following pages—is the brainchild of our CEO Nicole Harris. Her purpose with this and the entire Window & Door Dealer Days event is to provide window and door dealers the same opportunities that we’ve provided to manufacturers for years through GlassBuild America. That is: a place to go to get inspired, meet your contacts in person, create new relationships and investigate new avenues for business.

As comfortable as we get behind our computers, there’s only so much we can do without leaving our desks. With every issue, we try to squeeze in every ounce of information on industry trends and insight and let the excess overflow to our website and weekly newsletters. But there’s only so much we can do with words, graphics and even video. That’s where the event comes into play.

I hope to see you there.

Thompson is editor in chief of Window + Door,, and WDweekly. Write her at