Join the Fun

By Ken Mariotti
August 8, 2015
COLUMN : From the WDDA | Operations

You might be wondering: why should I join WDDA? Or, is it worth me taking time away from my business, and what can I possibly learn that I haven’t already seen or heard? I’d like to take this opportunity to address those commonly asked questions here.

The WDDA understands the concerns of dealers and, over the past several years, the Alliance has focused on getting specialty window and door dealers like you and me to maximize our bottom line by gaining efficiencies in our organizations. I am not talking about increasing your overhead, either, but about practices that we all can change and improve within our business—for example, compressing your throughput or learning how to protect your business from a legal perspective.

These are the kinds of breakout sessions the WDDA has hosted in prior years at GlassBuild America. As a member benefit, the WDDA forums were an opportunity to network with other dealers and get insight and ideas from peers. This year at the show, however, is something new.

WDDA will launch its Window & Door Dealer Days event, which not only addresses dealer-related business topics through education, but offers much more. For one, the event will incorporate some of the newest window and door products in the 4,400-square-foot Dream Showroom pavilion. We are very excited to be able to showcase some neat concepts that will drip with eye catching ideas that you can incorporate in your own showroom.

Attendees will also hear from business owners that have been involved in business peer groups. They will discuss why they kept with it for several years and how much they have benefited from each other. This is something you don’t want to miss!

Also, as part of Window & Door Dealer Days, speakers will give 20-minute presentations on topics such as the pros and cons of W2/1099 installers and how to keep your cash flowing, among other subjects. These presentations hit on relevant and practical issues and explore solutions you can take back to your business to implement.

So, what do you say? Come and join the WDDA at Window & Door Dealer Days at GlassBuild America this year. Don’t miss the chance to experience the Dream Showroom and to talk to others about the peer groups WDDA can help foster for you.

Join us, and I think the answers to those questions about why you should join and whether it’s worth your time will become clear. And, you may just be surprised that you can always learn more, especially at events like this. You may have seen or heard it all, but there’s always a new take just waiting to be explored.

See you there.

Ken Mariotti serves on the advisory board of the Window & Door Dealers Alliance. He is the president/owner of Woodland Windows and Doors.