The Wish List

In anticipation of the Dream Showroom at Window & Door Dealer Days this fall, we asked dealers what their ideal showroom would look like. Here’s what they said…

Q: If money were no object, what are the top three things you would incorporate into your showroom?

A: Technology

Number one on the list for Scott Thurber, Associated Building Supply Inc.: multiple LCD TVs. “As many as five to ten,” he says, “looping project and product specific photography of ABSi projects.” He’d also incorporate an area with LCD screens showing ABSi testimonial YouTube videos from customers. “We’d loop all of ABSi testimonials with framed testimonials on a wall.”

“Interactive kiosks for homeowners to view products, photos and use visualization tools,” is on Hullco Exteriors’, Terry Baker’s list.

“We’d incorporate a large 60-inch screen to show computerization of custom doors in homeowners’ homes in conjunction with iPads for salespeople,” says Robert Barufkin, Tom Adams Windows and Carpets. Plus, he names kiosks for order entry and financing.

“More high-tech software to visualize customers' homes with our products,” is on New York Sash’s Katie Reilly’s list.

“If money were no object, Grand Openings would explore the opportunity to incorporate Electric Privacy Glass into their displays,” reports Dan Barrett, Grand Openings. He also would create a design app that could incorporate window selections into client elevations.

A: More products on display

Larger sliding doors and possibly a bi-fold door is on Window Factory’s wish list, according to Rachel Blum.

Tracie Sandefur, WindowPRO, would use all three of her wishes on more product displays. She names more window wall units, rather than roll around displays, additional patio doors, and more glass examples to highlight decorative pieces.

Joe Moos, Discount Window and Door, would incorporate additional high-end large opening doors (bi-folding /multi-sliding), additional custom wood carved entry door systems and motor/automation products.

Edward San Juan of E. F. San Juan, Inc. would display a lift and slide door and showcase a raised panel wall display.

A: Room to get creative

Barufkin would build a different vignette for each manufacturer and window and door style.

New York Sash’s Reilly put a quieter, more private consultation area on her list.

Not only does Baker envision an entire model house inside the showroom to showcase products, but space for live demonstrations where installation experts would be available to demonstrate installation methods.

Thurber, too, would like to have a separate installation room that could “illustrate install best practices, photography, services, and products with mock ups of different applications using a variety of product substrates.”