A Fresh Look

Welcome to your new Window + Door magazine
Emily Kay Thompson
July 30, 2019
COLUMN : Observation Desk

Loyal readers may have been caught off guard with the new logo and updated look to Window + Door. But I assure our entire audience, inside our beautiful facelift, we’re still us. As our new tagline indicates, we’re still dedicated to residential fenestration coverage, from source to sale.  

We’ll continue to curate a wealth of content that keeps residential window and door manufacturers up to date on the latest trends and technology in fabrication, as well as on the legislation, codes and requirements that impact fenestration. Check out these regular columns that speak directly to our manufacturers: 

  • In the Trenches, covering theory and best practices for the fabricator community 
  • Decoded, the column that deciphers the standards, codes and regulation impacting the industry 
  • Eye on Fenestration, including commentary on the big picture issues influencing the market 
  • Letter of the Law, where law professionals weigh in on the legal matters in fenestration. 

Plus, our status as the official publication of GlassBuild America: The Glass, Window & Door Expo—which is likewise produced by Window + Door’s parent company (the National Glass Association)—allows us access to the latest industry technology and provides even more support of the relationships between manufacturers and their suppliers.  

We’ll also close the gap between manufacturers and their customers with our continued support of the dealer audience. Every issue provides information on residential market data and coverage on the most relevant issues to this segment of the industry.  

Window + Door’s affiliation with The Window & Door Dealers Alliance—the only professional business organization focused exclusively on advancing the interests of independent window and door dealers (also a product of the NGA)—affords unique insights that translate to dealer-specific articles and columns. Those include: 

  • In the Dealers’ Corner, offering perspectives from the Window & Door Dealers Alliance 
  • Your Business Matters, a column that explores best business practices and marketing strategies. 

While we developed content specific to each segment of the fenestration industry, all content is cross-relevant. For a quick example, dealers can glean insights on topics that impact their industry partners and manufacturers may pick up some marketing and sales tricks from reading the more dealer-oriented columns.  

Insights and intel are packaged in concise, consumable articles from a variety of industry sources. Our goal is to provide enough context on each topic but also get directly to the point. The conversation continues online, however, for those who need more on a given topic. 

Also of note, we’re taking a more in-depth approach to product coverage with our new Trendhunter series. These articles take a deeper dive into a specific product category to examine what trends are influencing the industry, how manufacturers are adapting to accommodate those trends and what they mean for the fenestration industry. See the first installment, a look into automation

Though not included in this issue, articles in our Workforce Development series are in the works for future issues. We’re dedicated to documenting the current challenges of finding, training and retaining employees, as well as to providing ideas and solutions to this ongoing issue.

We’d love to hear what you think of our new look and refocused approach to content, as well as any article ideas or topics you’d like to see covered in the new Window + Door. Email me at ethompson@glass.org.

Thompson is editor of Window & Door, WindowandDoor.com, and WDweekly. Write her at ethompson@glass.org.