Are Builders Looking at Windows and Doors to Increase Perceived Value?

John G. Swanson
September 8, 2009
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According to the NAHB Research Center, two major trends have emerged in today's weak new construction market. Builders continue to strive to (1) reduce new home production costs and (2) increase value to homebuyers. Pointing to its 2009 Annual Builder Practices Survey, conducted early this year, the organization suggests that builders see bathrooms as one of the key areas to increase perceived value. 

Despite pressures on builders to reduce the price of homes, upscale bath features have seen steady growth over the past thee years of its survey, NAHB Research Center officials report. Granite countertops have moved from the kitchen into the bathroom and chrome fixtures have lost considerable market share to more upscale options like nickel and bronze.

More often than not, I hear how builders are trying to beat up window and door suppliers to "reduce home production costs," but I couldn't help but wonder, is are industry seeing any trends in upgrades and options that "increase value to homebuyers?"  That's my poll question of the week, and of course I'd like to hear from you.  Let me know what upgrades you see builders going for.  

Are builders looking at window and door upgrades to increase the perceived value of their homes
Yes, they are choosing to upgrade aesthetics.
Yes, they are choosing to upgrade performance.
Yes, they are choosing to upgrade both.
No, they continue to be more focused on cost.

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