Are You Hitting the Road this Fall?

John G. Swanson
August 16, 2011
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I still have a week of vacation to look forward to, but I feel like summer is slipping away fast. September is coming and it will be back to school for the kids. For me, September also means hitting the road, as I’ll be making my way to GlassBuild America, the first of several industry trade shows this fall.

What about you? There’s GlassBuild, the Remodeling Show, the Association of Millwork Distributors expo, Greenbuild and WinDoor. Are you going to any of them? That’s our poll question of the week, and, of course, I’d like to hear from you. Post a comment below and let me know if are you attending any of these events or not.

Are you attending? Exhibiting? Why? Have you gone consistently in recent years or passed on some events because of the weak markets? Are you hunkered down still?  Is it time to get out and see what’s new?  Let me know what you expect for these coming shows.

PS–If your company is exhibiting at any of these events–and you've got something new to show–don't be shy.  Here's a chance to let everyone know.

Survey Results as of 08/22/2011 :


This fall, I plan to go to:

None of the above








More than one of the above




Win-Door North America




The Remodeling Show




AMD Exhibition/Convention








Slightly more than half our responders plan to hit at least one show this fall. GlassBuild appears to be the favored destination of many, but nearly a third of those going to any shows this fall say they're going to more than one.  

Since we never conducted the same survey when times were good, it's hard to say whether or not these results are a positive sign or not. With the exception of Greenbuild, which is still relatively new, the industry shows above all took a hit when the economy first nosedived, but have held their own since then and even seemed to have recovered somewhat by last year in terms of number of exhibitors and attendees.  

Judging by the list of exhibitors for the upcoming events, I expect that pattern to continue.  I know I'll be at more than one of the above events–four of them in fact.  I hope to see a lot of you there, too.  

One more note: Don't forget the PS on this Talk.  If your company is exhibiting at any of the above events, don't hesitate to submit a comment and let people know what products you'll be featuring. 

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