Monthly Poll: RRP Rule Economic Impact

Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it would not make any amendments to the controversial Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule. In the review of the RRP Rule, which was required by Section 610 of the Regulatory Flexibility Act, EPA did recognize some issues with Rule, but ultimately determined that the “economic benefits of the RRP Rule outweigh industry complaints.” Complaints from the industry focus mainly on the expense associated with lead mitigation in cases where it is unnecessary—that is, in households without a child under the age of six or a pregnant woman present, the groups which the Rule intends to protect. 
We want to hear how the RRP Rule has impacted your fenestration business. Now that the Rule will not be amended, what resources do you need most to comply? Manufacturers, what resources are you providing your customers? How can Window & Door and the WDDA help? How much is this regulation impacting your business? Send an email with your thoughts, post a comment and/or weigh in on this month’s poll. 

How much of an economic impact has the Lead: Renovation and Repair Rule had on your business?
Dealer: moderate impact
Manufacturer: little/no impact
Dealer: enormous impact
Dealer: little/no impact
Economic impact is difficult to quantify
Manufacturer: moderate impact