Door Styles

An introduction to basic door operating types

Hinged Doors-A variety of hinged door models are available in in-swing and out-swing configurations. Hinged doors are offered as single panels (typical in entry applications) or in multi-panel configurations (typical in patio door applications). French doors consist of a pair of operable panels hinged on opposite sides that open in the middle. Hinged doors are also commonly supplied in combinations of operable and nonoperable panels.

Radius-top single-panel entry door
Photo courtesy of Plastpro

Double entry door
Photo courtesy of Milgard Windows & Doors

Multi-panel hinged patio door
Photo courtesy of Peachtree Doors & Windows

French-style door
Photo courtesy of Therma-Tru

Sliding Doors-Door panels slide horizontally on a track to open. Because swinging doors require additional space to allow the doors to open, sliding doors can be particularly useful in homes where square footage is at a premium. Sliding doors are consist of two or more panels. Lift-and-slide doors operate similarly but are designed so the operating panels actually lift of the track to move.  This allows larger panels to be moved more easily and can increase performance as a tighter seal is created when the door is closed.

Two-panel sliding door
Photo courtesy of Integrity Windows & Doors

Bi-parting slider
Photo courtesy of Hurd Windows & Doors

Lift & slide door system
Photo courtesy of Panda Doors

Bi-Fold Doors-Panels of bi-fold doors operate by folding into each other accordion style. Long used for closets and a variety of interior applications, multi-panel bi-folds are an effective option for wide openings.  This operating style has gained popularity in recent years for wide-opening exterior applications, as designers look to more effectively connect interior and exterior spaces in homes and commercial establishments.

Wide-opening folding door
Photo courtesy of Nana Wall Systems

Pocket Door-Sliding doors featuring panels that slide into a pocket in the wall to create a clear opening when desired. 
Long used for interior applications, they are now being used in exterior applications, typically enabling a complete opening between an interior space and a deck, balcony or patio.

Pocket lift & slide door
Photo courtesy of Redstone Custom Doors

Sidelite-A fixed narrow door panel or window located directly adjacent to doors. These units often incorporate decorative glass.

Entry door with single sidelite
Photo courtesy of Peachtree Doors & Windows

Transom-A windows located directly above a door or another window.

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