Energy Efficiency

Window and door technology has made great strides over the past three decades. Glazing options like low-emissivity glass have increased energy efficiency. Numerous sources on the web provide detailed information on products and can provide recommendations for various applications, whether your house faces the cold winter months of Minnesota, the hot sun of Arizona or somewhere in between.

Efficient Windows Collaborative
Consortium of window and door manufacturers and other organizations supporting the use of energy efficient windows. Its web site features a great deal of useful information covering window energy performance issues. Detailed information is provided on different glazing and frame material options. Comparison tools show energy savings provided by various window types in various cities throughout the country. A calculator even allows information about an individual home to be entered, and shows what energy savings different window products can achieve.

Energy Star Windows
The Energy Star Windows Program is a voluntary partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy and the fenestration industry to promote sales of energy efficient windows, doors and skylights. Window products eligible to carry the government's Energy Star label must meet high-performance criteria established for different climate zones within the U.S. The site includes links to manufacturers of Energy Star windows, as well as links to Energy Star window dealers and retailers.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory-Windows & Daylighting Group
Leading window research facility sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy, its site provides a wide variety of technical resources. The site offers a downloadable 16-page brochure on selecting energy efficient windows. It also offers downloads of RESFEN, a program designed to assist users in comparing how different window types will effect the energy requirements of a home.

National Resources Canada

This department of the Canadian government offers a downloadable "Consumer's Guide to Energy-Efficient WIndows and Doors."

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