Industry-Related Organizations

Aluminum Extruders Council
Organization representing aluminum extruders, including manufacturers of aluminum windows and their suppliers. 
847/526-2010 |

American Architectural Manufacturers Association
Trade association of manufacturers and suppliers of residential, commercial, and architectural windows, doors, skylights, and other fenestration products. AAMA is involved in developing industry standards, test methods, and performance criteria for certified window and door products and components.
847/303-5664 |

American Institute of Architects
Leading trade organization for architects involved in both nonresidential and residential construction.
800/242-3837 |

American Society of Civil Engineers
Organization responsible for wind-speed maps used to determine structural performance requirements for fenestration products.
800/548-2723 |

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers
An international organization devoted to advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration for the public's benefit through research, standards writing, continuing education and publications. Through its membership, ASHRAE writes standards that set uniform methods of testing and rating equipment and establish accepted practices for the HVAC&R industry worldwide, such as the design of energy efficient buildings.
404/636-8400 |

APA-The Engineered Wood Association
Formerly the American Plywood Association, organization representing producers of structural composite lumber and other products.
253/565-6600 |

Architectural Woodwork Institute
Organization representing manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers of millwork products.
Contact Information: AWI, 46179 Westlake Dr., Ste. 120, Potomac Falls, VA 20165, (571/323-3636, Fax: 571/323-3630).

Association of Millwork Distributors
Formerly known as the National Sash & Door Jobbers Association, AMD represents distributors of doors, windows and millwork products. Many of its members are involved in pre-hanging interior and exterior doors.
727/372-3665 |

ASTM International
Formerly American Society for Testing and Materials, organization involved in establishing test methods and guidelines for all types of materials, including glass and other window and door components. Also developer of standard for installation of windows and doors.
610/832-9585 |

Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association
Organization involved in setting standards for locks, hinges and other door hardware
212/297-2122 |

Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council
Part of the National Institute of Building Sciences, organization brings together academic, government and industry representatives focused on buiding performance and technology issues.
202/289-7800 |

Building Performance Institute
Organization representing individuals and companies involved in home energy efficiency audits and retrofits.
877/274-1274 |

CSA International
Formerly the Canadian Standards Association, CSA develops standards for a wide range products. Although active internationally, it represents Canada in the development of North American window and door standards.  It also operates a window and door certifciation and labeling program.
416/747-4000 |

Department of Energy-Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
Site of the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Building Technology, State & Community Programs includes a wide variety of energy efficiency related information, including information on a wide variety of energy code compliance software programs. Site also provides information on DOE's Windows Technology Roadmap. Gathering input from industry, the technology roadmap is designed to guide DOE's fenestration-related research programs.

Efficient Windows Collaborative
Consortium of window and door manufacturers and other organizations supporting the use of energy efficient windows. It's web site features a great deal of useful information covering window energy performance issues.
202/530-2254 |

Energy Star Windows
Managed by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Energy Star Program for Windows, Doors & Skylights is designed to promote sales of energy efficient products. By choosing Energy Star qualifying products, homeowners can cut their heating and cooling costs, help make their homes more comfortable and reduce air pollution without sacrificing versatility or style.

Fenestration Canada (formerly Canadian Window & Door Manufacturers Association)
Trade association representing Canadian window and door manufacturers and suppliers, as well as companies active in the Canadian market. Active in developing performance standards for windows and doors.
613/235-5511 |

Fenestration Manufacturers Association
Formerly the Architectural Manufacturers Association of Florida, FMA is a trade association that primarily focuses on the Southeastern U.S., and the needs of markets impacted by hurricanes and coastal storms. 
850/294-7963 |

Forest Stewardship Council
International organization operating a certification program for wood that is harvested from forests managed in a sustainable manner.
202/342-0413 |

Insulating Glass Certification Council
A non-profit organization representing manufacturers, consumers, specifiers, and others concerned with the quality and performance of insulating glass units. IGCC sponsors and directs an independent, true third-party certification program. Periodic accelerated laboratory tests, per ASTM specifications.
315/646-2234 |

InstallationMasters Institute
Administered by Architectural Testing Inc., organization provides training and certification programs for window and door installers. 
717/764-7700 |

Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance
A leading organization involved in the engineering and manufacturing of insulating glass
613/233-1510 |

International Code Council
ICC develops a single set of comprehensive and coordinated national codes, including the International Building Code, the International Residential Code, and the International Energy Conservation Code, designed to assure building safety, structural issues

International Door Association
Organization representing garage door dealers
800/355-4432 |

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory-Windows & Daylighting Group
Leading window research facility sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy. It's site provides a wide variety of technical resources, as well as information about obtaining its widely-used software programs, Window 4.1 (used for NFRC program) and RESFEN, a program designed to assist users to compare how different window types will effect the energy requirements of a home.
Contact Information:

Moulding & Millwork Producers Association
Trade organization representing manufacturers of wood and synthetic mouldings and related milwork products
530/661-9591 |

National Association of Home Builders
Trade association for the home building industry. Its site features consumer information on topics such as building a home, financing a home, home maintenance, and remodeling. Information on industry issues, codes, energy efficiency, and a variety of housing data is also available.
202/861-2108 |

National Association of the Remodeling Industry
A national trade association with 7,100 member companies and 55 chapters representing the professionals in the remodeling industry. Its web site offers a variety of useful advice to consumers on finding and selecting contractors, considerations when beginning a remodeling project, and design ideas.
847/298-9200 |

National Fenestration Rating Council
A non-profit, public/private organization, created by the window, door and skylight industry, comprised of manufacturers, suppliers, builders, architects and designers, specifiers, code officials utilities and government agencies. NFRC has established a voluntary national energy performance rating and labeling system for fenestration products.
301/589-1776 |

National Glass Association
Largest North American trade association serving the flat glass industry. Members are involved in flat glass manufacturing, fabrication, distribution, and installation of architectural and automotive glass products, as well as windows, doors, and other glass products.
703/442-4890 |

National Sunroom Association
Trade association dedicated to the advancement of the manufacture and construction of safe, energy efficient and environmentally conscious sunrooms, patio rooms, and solariums.

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
PEFC says it is the world’s largest forest certification system, assuring that timber originates from sustainable sources. It acts as an umbrella of national forest certification systems. In North America, three certification systems, CSA, ATFS and SFI, have been found to comply with PEFC’s Sustainability Benchmarks.

Residential Energy Performance Network
Known as RESNET, organization provides training and certification for home energy performance auditors and contractors in the home energy upgrade field.

Safety Glazing Certification Council
A non-profit corporation representing manufacturers of safety glazing products, building code officials, and others concerned with public safety. SGCC maintains a program which provides for independent, third-party certification of safety glazing materials found to be in compliance with ASTM or CPSC specifications.

U.S. Green Building Council
Developer of LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) green building standards for residential and nonresidential construction.
800/795-1747 |

The Vinyl Institute
Trade association representing PVC producers offers Vinyl By Design site with information on PVC windows and doors, as well as other products, including fencing, decking, and railing. Also contains information on PVC production, history, etc.

571/970-3400 |

Window & Door Dealers Alliance
Newly formed trade association representing independent dealers of residential windows, doors and other fenestration products.
703/442-4890 |

Window & Door Manufacturers Association
Trade association representing some 130 manufacturers and suppliers of windows and doors. Formerly, the National Wood Window & Door Association, the organization now focuses on quality window and door products.

Window Covering Manufacturers Association
Trade association representing manufacturers, fabricators and assemblers of blinds, shades, shutters, curtains, curtain rods, drapes, drapery hardware, and other window treatments, including both interior and exterior window covering products.
212/297-2122 |


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