Crystal Achievement Awards 2016: Celebrating Innovation

Announcing the 2016 Crystal Achievement Award Honorees




The NanaWall FoldFlat allows folding glass door panels to pivot and stack flat, folding completely against the wall and out of the way to open more space. (Image courtesy of NanaWall.)

The outdoor/indoor living trend has been building undeniable momentum over the past five-plus years, now with options making multi-panel products accessible to homeowners outside the luxury market as well as those throughout the country. Manufacturers in this category have been improving on the concept, creating slimmer profiles, increasing energy efficiency, and generally perfecting the model of wide open spaces.

Case in point is this year’s Crystal Achievement Award winner for Most Innovative Multi-Panel Door, NanaWall Systems’ FoldFlat. What NanaWall says is the industry’s first fold-flat system, the multi-panel door allows glass wall panels to fold and then pivot all the way back to stack out of the way.

“Standard folding glass walls protrude onto the deck or patio because they can only stop halfway at 90 degrees,” says NanaWall Systems CEO Ebrahim Nana. “With NanaWall FoldFlat, we invented a solution for builders and homeowners to gain back that living space by folding the panels a full 180 degrees, entirely against the wall.”

Available in both aluminum and wood-framed options, it allows for expanded functional and aesthetic possibilities, “virtually eliminating the barrier between spaces and allowing for full usage of available square footage,” the company reports.

“The downside of previous folding door designs was the intrusion of the panels into living space,” one of the Crystal Achievement Awards judges notes. “The FoldFlat door eliminates that with the ability to pivot out of the way. This is an improvement that truly benefits the user.” The system is useful for patios, decks and balconies where space is a premium, and eliminates the issue of the panels sticking out, into the outdoor space.

It has tamper-resistant locks, as well as an energy-efficient design. Plus, its specialized seals and panel design are reported to provide superior humidity and moisture control and extreme weather resistance for all climates and seasons. Just as any other NanaWall product, the FoldFlat offers single-handed operation and moves smoothly with little effort, the company reports.

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