Crystal Achievement Awards 2016: Celebrating Innovation

Announcing the 2016 Crystal Achievement Award Honorees

Unique Innovation



New to the 2016 awards is the Crystal Achievement Award for a Unique Innovation. Window & Door wanted to recognize the products and supplies that take an innovative approach to function and design that don’t fall into the more obvious categories. We were looking for products that incorporate distinct elements and technology to fill a unique need in the industry. VELUX America’s Venting Modular Skylights are an exemplar of this category.


The skylights provide homeowners with a much larger and dramatic new option, from an appearance and performance standpoint, VELUX explains in its literature. As our judges noted, commenting on the “sleek design,” the skylights feature very slim profiles. VELUX tells us that the product was developed in collaboration with renowned architects Foster + Partners in London.

All skylights are designed to open up large rooms and spaces in the home while creating a light, bright and spacious environment. The Venting Modular Skylights do so with the added function of fully-integrated ventilation, sun screening, and configurations in one-, two-, three-, four-, and 10-modules. Both fixed and ventilating modules can be mixed and no structural framing is needed between modules, which the company says results in faster installations and reduced labor and materials costs.

On that note, VELUX shows its commitment to proper training on installation. “It is essential that the sub-construction meet precise specifications in terms of dimensions and loadbearing capacity,” the company writes. “VELUX product sheets and installation instructions contain detailed product descriptions and relevant installation processes.” There are also informational and instructional videos in production to further support the roofing industry.

Smart Functions

Speaking to the multi-billion dollar smart home market, the skylights include electric shades and low-voltage controls which reduce the cost of 110v wiring, according to VELUX. The company also reports that the skylights can integrate with a home HVAC system for automatic climate control, and there is a rain/wind sensor that closes the units before an approaching storm arrives.

The electronics and motors in each module are concealed and are constructed from an advanced composite material (low-conductive pultruded fiberglass and polyurethane) for exceptional strength and energy-efficiency. The ventilation and sunscreening components are also integrated within the skylight design. Actuators for venting modules and roller blinds are concealed, so there is no visual difference between fixed and venting modules.

VELUX Modular Skylights offer one of the higher performing day-lighting solutions available. The fixed and venting modules carry very low U-factor ratings.

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