Crystal Achievement Awards 2016: Celebrating Innovation

Announcing the 2016 Crystal Achievement Award Honorees

MOST INNOVATIVE - Door Component



The Wedge TLS provides reinforcements throughout the length of the door. (Images courtesy of Tyto Life.)

For more than 100 years, deadbolts have been the default for locks despite their significant limitations in security, strength and sealing, according to Tyto Life. Multi-point locks improved security but forced consumers to sacrifice on design and ease of use, the company notes. Introduce this year’s Crystal Achievement Award winner for Most Innovative Door Component, the Wedge Total Locking System, to the market.

It is the industry’s first full-length locking system that makes homes safer, stronger and more energy efficient with seamless design, according to Tyto Life LLC. “Making a change away from the traditional deadbolt and multi-point system is a great idea,” notes one of the Crystal Achievement Award judges.

After four years of development and testing, the result is a locking and sealing system that forms a continuous seal between the door edge and jamb, the most vulnerable part of the door system. Wedge TLS defends against forced entry with 75 times the surface contact of a standard deadbolt, the company reports.

Putting TLS to the Test

Wedge TLS achieved DP 100 in the structural test with winds of 242 miles per hour and Dynamic Forced Entry Grade 20, surpassing the standard static forced entry test. “The fact that they achieved a DP 100 is also impressive due to the fact that it is a full-length system,” another judge explains, pointing to the fact that the system secures the complete door and not just a couple points on the door. The company also tested the Wedge TLS for air infiltration. It found that, simply locking a door with the product reduced air infiltration by 42 percent, which also improves energy efficiency while reducing drafts and sound transfer.

Function and Design

Wedge TLS offers design flexibility which allows customers options in a variety of knob, thumb-latch and lever handle sets offered by major manufacturers. It is also available in a range of dimensions including several heights from 6-feet 6-inches to 8 feet and in both inswing and outswing orientations.

Wedge TLS is said to seamlessly integrate into the door and jamb for a secure fit and sleek finish, making it invisible from both the exterior and interior, when the door is closed. “Door systems powered by Wedge TLS are also typically easier to operate (lock/unlock) than most multi-point systems and feels as easy as a deadbolt,” the company reported in its nomination.

Customers can order either clear or dark anodized finishes to complement their doors. It will be available to prehangers, door manufacturers, builders and select retailers for distribution to consumers.

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