Crystal Achievement Awards 2016: Celebrating Innovation

Announcing the 2016 Crystal Achievement Award Honorees




It’s not always the answer to reinvent the wheel in order to make a difference in manufacturing. As the 2016 Crystal Achievement Award winner for Most Innovative Machine demonstrates, improving on a proven design is just as effective.

GED Integrated Solutions’ Intercept GEN 2.5 replaces its original GEN I and GEN II Warm Edge Spacer Technology Frame Machines. “The new GEN 2.5 combines the workhorse attitude of the former Intercept GEN II with the technological advances of the i-3 Intercept,” GED’s president and CEO, Bill Weaver, states. “It affords industry professionals an ease of transition, operation and maintenance along with improved productivity.”

He says that manufacturers will recognize the familiar footprint while welcoming the latest state-of-the-art technologies and enhancements that enables the machine to switch between Intercept ULTRA Stainless, ThinPlate and Blackline materials.

“These innovations to the GED Intercept Warm Edge Spacer System fabrication process continue to keep this very popular spacer system current, up-to-date, and very competitive,” notes a Crystal Achievement Award judge.


Some of the notable improvements to the system include dynamic process monitoring. This supervision is designed to prevent inadvertent maladjustments or the machine from functioning or producing product out of specification because of operator error.

The control system also received a face lift, as GED simplified tooling and maintenance operations with quick-change tooling. The ability to change between materials is now automatic. And, advanced material-type detection discerns between material types and validates that the material matches the schedule, a design that should prolong tooling life and improve product quality.

Bringing the machine into the well-developed technology era, GED also simplified the electrical architecture with high speed ethernet I/O versus discrete wiring. This substantially reduced the electrical hardware and wiring while increasing the capability for remote diagnostics. The GEN 2.5’s remote touch screen interface, placed at key locations for operator and maintenance, perform troubleshooting diagnostics with remote (offsite) diagnostic capability, according to GED.

Our judges note that these features—the high-speed ethernet I/O, increased remote diagnostics and quick tooling change capabilities—are important to manufacturers who have invested, or are going to invest, in the Intercept Spacer System.

GED also notes that the newly designed servo corner crimper ensures consistent corner spacer folding with substantially reduced maintenance requirements. “With the new high speed corner crimper, this system performs 15 percent faster than previous generations,” the company reports.

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