Do you agree with the 30/30 provisions?

Christina Lewellen
March 11, 2009
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Let me tell you about my inbox since the 30/30 provisions were outlined in the stimulus bill. You sure are an opinionated lot. I personally love the emails...Our IT guys, however, are already tallying up how many drinks I owe them for the '09 holiday party.

Do you agree with the 30/30 provisions required to qualify for the $1,500 tax credit?

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So we have a wide spectrum here. As you've seen in our coverage these last few weeks, the industry is divided between loving the tougher 30/30 requirements (asserting that it will indeed stimulate demand while pushing the industry forward technologically) and those who hate it (contending that the bar is too high and the requirements may not be what's best for all consumers in all regions of the country).

Some prominent voices are stepping forward publicly as well. AAMA has outlined its plan to contest the 30/30 requirements, while some manufacturers, including the Schield Family Brands (Weather Shield, Crestline, Peachtree, Visions and Vetter) are urging President Obama to block efforts to adjust the current requirements.

“The reality is that the Schield Family Brands – and many of its competitors – are able to produce windows and doors to the standards of the Act,” Kevin Schield, vice president of Schield Family Brands, wrote in a letter to President Obama. “Any company in the industry could produce to these standards if they choose to make the effort that The Schield Family Brands and others have already undertaken. We urge you to resist firmly any efforts to undermine the energy conservation standards established in the stimulus bill. “

I want a simple "yes" or "no" in this week's poll. My flood of emails gives me the "Spidey sense" that we're going to come down fairly split, depending on the make-up of our poll participants this week. So please vote and let's see whether we end up with a majority.

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