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Welcome to Window & Door's new product coverage of the 2011 International Builders' Show. This section of our site features an extensive look at windows, doors and skylights, as well as components and accessories showcased by industry exhibitors at this year's event.

For our overview report on this year's show, held January 12-15, click here.

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Our post-show coverage features dozens of products from more than 30 companies and will continue to grow as we hear from more manufacturers and suppliers.  Products are presented by exhibitor, alphabetically. This page features Companies A-F 

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Said to allow the average window to be trimmed out in as little as six minutes, the Andersen Exterior Trim System is available in 11 colors and a wide range of architectural styles to meet the needs of the most discerning contractors and homeowners. For use with the manufacturer’s A-Series, 400 Series and 200 Series product lines, the snap-on trim package eliminates measuring, cutting, mitering, nailing and filling nail holes while providing an exceptional fit and finish, the supplier states. Made of the company’s Fibrex composite material, the trim provides a long-lasting decorative element that never needs painting.  

The Andersen 400 Series Replacement Casement comes pre-drilled with through-the-jamb installation holes to allow for installation from inside or outside the home. Special replacement extension jambs preserve original alignment of trim and paint lines. The unit also comes without the nailing flange which is useful in brick, siding or other applications. Offered in custom sizing to 1/8 inch, the units are supplied with an install kit that includes screws, shims, backer rods and full instructions for each window. Innovative, self-hanging shims help provide for consistent quality installation, while backer rods provide appropriate backing for sealants and increase the durability of sealant joints, the manufacturer states.


The 200 Series Narroline Window Conversion Kit allows homeowners to upgrade the manufacturer’s Narroline windows installed as far back as 1968, delivering state-of-the-art window technology while maintaining the look of the original windows. Andersen has sold millions of double-hung windows since the late 1960s, and so its conversion kit is applicable to many, it reports. Each kit includes two window sash, left and right jamb assemblies and other components for the conversion. In addition, the installed sash tilt in for easy cleaning.

The Tilt-Wash Insert window is a custom-sized (to 1/8 inch) unit with a spectrum of design and feature options that delivers style, performance and value just the way remodelers and homeowners have requested, the manufacturer states. Each window comes with pre-drilled installation holes and an install kit containing nearly everything needed to complete the job: instructions, screws, shims and backer rod. In addition, each unit comes with its own exterior stop covers for a clean, finished look when the job is done. The windows are offered in 0°, 8° and 14° sill angles, feature flexible jam liners to provide a weathertight seal around the sash, and can be supplied with a range of glass options.

www.andersenwindows.com | 800/426-4261



ProSeries Shutters, said to be the contractor’s choice for versatility, custom color and outstanding charm, are hand-assembled from exterior-grade composite wood that will not rot, bend, crack or split. New from Atlantic, the shutters are factory-primed and ready to receive any bold color with a high-quality exterior paint of the homeowner's choice. Offered in louver, raised panel, flat panel and board and batten styles, the line incorporates tongue and groove construction with a specially-formulated adhesive that eliminates the need for unsightly fasteners, the company states. Shutters are machine-sanded and finished with a coat of marine-grade primer to significantly reduce the time needed for applying a finish coat of paint.

www.atlanticpremiumshutters.com | 866/288-2726



High-quality mahogany doors, including exterior entranceways and interior passageways, are manufactured by Borano in single, double, French, and arched configurations.  Handcrafted in Honduras, the doors offer architectural beauty, enhanced security and superb natural insulation sought by sophisticated homeowners and businesses, the manufacturer states. There are more than 300 designs for customers to choose from on the company’s Web site, each capable of being customized with logos, emblems, family crests and other designs to fit individual specifications and desires. Stained, textured and clear glass and other decorative elements can be inserted in individual door panels, and the highest quality and designer hardware, including knobs and hinges, are available directly from the manufacturer, it points out.

Like its doors, Borano also offers mahogany windows designed to provide striking elegance, security and superior energy efficiency to luxury homes and businesses. The windows’ 2 3/4‐inch stiles and rails are a full inch thicker than is standard, with profiles rabbeted on all four edges to assure a solid union with jambs and sills. Sash are weatherstripped and tapered for energy efficiency, and a drip edge with a friction groove added to the bottom of the sash is beautiful and functional, assuring protection against water infiltration. Windows are available in a variety of finishes and choices of hardware.

www.borano.com | 561/939-3368



The new Twinpoint folding door rebated lock combines a robust, single-action, low-profile handle with the strength required for multi-panel door systems up to 13 feet high. Combining style and function, the hardware makes locking tall doors more convenient, while adding elegance to any door, the company states. Rotating the low-profile central handle drives a 1-inch throw into the head and sill, making it one of the most secure on the market. Door stiles can be machined in a single pass, making installation simple. The lock’s compact design preserves the door stile’s integrity, so there is no need to engineer the door around the lock, the company states. For wood and aluminum doors, the locks can be used with the company’s bottom-rolling folding systems and hurricane-tested top hung systems.




Using bottom-rolling hardware suitable for all applications, including small renovation projects, Centor’s F3 System puts folding doors within reach of more people, the company states. The hardware system transfers the door weight to the floor with strategically-placed bearings, eliminating the need for structural support from overhead beams. The F3 system uses tracks, not rails, with movement controlled by articulated carriers and side thrust bearings. The sill design ensures rollers are not affected by dirt, grit and debris, and F3 has the same lateral and vertical adjustment only associated with Centor systems, the supplier notes.

www.centorarchitectural.com | 800/426-4261



The new Sentinel by CGI product line includes impact-resistant single hung windows, horizontal rolling windows, fixed windows, designer windows, swing doors, and two- and three-track sliding glass doors, all tested and approved by Miami-Dade and State of Florida, the manufacturer reports. Offering energy efficient options, design pressures up to +80/-90, clipless mullions and super view screens, the line is designed to meet the needs of home remodeling projects.

With the new line, CGI Windows & Doors is also introducing new branding.  In addition to Sentinel by CGI, its lines now include the Estate Collection, Estate Entrances and its Commercial series, including blast products. Looking to serve a wider customer base, the company also recently launched the Quotrac system designed to serve its dealers.

www.cgiwindows.com | 800/442-9042



The CraftMaster Conmore molded, flat-panel interior door combines classic panel design with a smooth-surfaced elegance, suiting it for a wide range of home styles and personal decorating preferences. With five horizontal panels, the door is the second in a series of molded, flat-panel designs offered by CMI. Available in 6 foot 8 inch and 7 foot passage and bifold sizes, doors can be specified with either finger joint or MDF stiles and rails. Solid core construction provides enhanced dimensional stability, durability and sound insulating properties. Green benefits of enable them to contribute to LEED programs and the National Green Building Standard.


CMI has expanded its MiraTec product line to include four crown moulding profiles. The smooth-surfaced, engineered wood composite mouldings serve as a functional, economical alternative to PVC and fiber cement products, the company notes. Mouldings handle like wood, which makes them easier to work with than fiber cement, and they offer the durability and long-term performance benefits of PVC at a lower cost.

www.cmicompany.com | 800/405-2233



New in the Dow line of installation products, Great Stuff Work Wipes are a quick and convenient way to clean up the inevitable messes that happen when remodeling or maintaining a home. The wipes are specially formulated to allow professional contractors and DIY users alike to handle many sticky, tough drips, spills or misapplications can be removed with ease. In addition to uncured Great Stuff insulating foam sealants, the wipes can be used for oil- and latex-based paint, uncured caulk and sealants, oil and grease, ink and permanent markers and stains. The citrus-scented wipes can safely clean most tools, hard surfaces and hands.

greatstuff.dow.com | 866/583-2583



The Crystal Achievement Award-winning Window Energy Profiler Sales Kit featured by EDTM Corp. in Orlando features the Window Energy Profiler, which tests windows in-frame, simultaneously showing the estimated SHGC value of the window, along with the UV, visible light, and near infrared transmission values. Designed for use in the home to help illustrate the necessity for new replacement windows, the kit also includes the WP4520 sales brochure that helps to educate the customer about energy performance and the importance of various performance criteria of a window. This professional guide offers a work area where the customer can write down notes and performance values on a comparison grid, the supplier notes. The SK1740 kit also includes a heat lamp and surface temperature guns to offer a sensory side to presentations, enabling customers to feel window energy performance in action.


EDTM will be highlighting many of its glass measurement devices, including the new GC3000 Glass-Chek Pro. The digital instrument measures the glass and airspace thickness of single-, double- and now triple-pane windows from a single side. Other improvements over previous offerings include applications involving tinted glass, newer low-E coatings, triple panes and suspended film. The new low-E detection capabilities enable users to not only locate the low-E surface of a double-pane window from one side, but also identify the type of low-E coating used in the window. This feature is extremely beneficial for companies that use multiple types of low-E glasses in their windows, eliminating mix-ups and enabling the glass to be identified in the field. It can be used by window replacement and field service professionals, as well as quality control technicians within the window factory.

www.edtm.com | 419/861-1030




Based in Poland, the global manufacturer of skylights and roof windows offers product lines specifically targeted to the North American market. Features include a gasket underneath the frame that eliminates gaps between the unit and deck to provide added leak protection, as well as an internal gasket system to eliminate effects of condensation, such as dripping water on the finished frame and drywall, the company explains. From Fakro America LLC, the skylights feature low-E glazing to meet Energy Star requirements. A double lacquer finish on the interior eliminates the need for painting. For retrofit and new construction applications, the skylights use a bracketless installation system that requires just four to six screws to install.

www.fakrousa.com | 630/543-1010  




The Rustic Collection of textured urethane products—including window and door trim and surrounds, shutters, mouldings, beams, and a variety of other millwork components—features realistic woodgrain or stone on all visible (installed) surfaces, the supplier states. Featuring regionally-inspired designs for all home styles, the line includes stone enhancements to provide clean details to accent stone homes or stone veneers and woodgrain pieces providing an authentic early American feeling. Said to provide a cost effective alternative to real wood and stone products, the urethane pieces resist rot, weather, insects and humidity. Factory-primed, they are supplied ready to stain or paint prior to or after installation.

www.fypon.com | 800/446-3040



Products are presented by exhibitor, alphabetically. Follow the following links to see information from other companies.
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