2011 IBS Product Showcase

December 1, 2010
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Three Gorell window models—the 5401 Armor Max Plus picture window, 5402 AMP sliding window and 5405 AMP double-hung window—recently passed Dade County impact testing and can be used in virtually any area that requires hurricane or impact protection, the manufacturer reports. Featured in Orlando, the windows incorporate three panes of glass, two of which sandwich a nearly impenetrable PVB interlayer. The glass is deeply embedded into the sash, significantly increasing the windows’ structural integrity. Rigid tubular master frames—with 13 separate insulating chambers and heavy-duty double-cam sweep locks—provide high levels of strength and durability. The windows also include Gorell’s SolarControl Max Low-E coating and argon gas fill for thermal performance that yields energy cost savings, the company points out. Made of smooth soft-white vinyl, the windows feature a distinctive profile accentuated by dual millwork lines.

Gorell Windows & Doors also offers the Radiaflect line of energy-saving reflective insulation products. Combining a highly-reflective aluminum facing that’s fused to both sides of a sheet of closed-cell polyethylene foam, the insulation stops radiant heat transfer—similar to typical radiant barrier products—and limits convection and conduction heat transfer—like traditional mass insulation, the company explains. The product can be installed as retrofit attic insulation, particularly on the rafters or over existing attic floor insulation, and used as a house wrap under replacement siding or under joists in crawl spaces. The company offers a comprehensive marketing and sales program to help generate consumer leads and explain how Radiaflect can cut the cost of homeownership, it notes.

www.gorell.com | 724/465-1800

HomeRun Holdings

Wisp window and door systems means that owners can leave foul-weather gear in the closet and their ladders in the garage, as storm protection is as easy as pulling down an indoor shade, the manufacturer states. Constructed with 6-inch aluminum frames, industrial strength thermal breaks and insulating glass, the windows and doors have an integrated high-impact storm shade made of the same tough, flexible, tightly woven synthetic fiber used in radial car and truck tires and finished with a specially-formatted coating that makes it weather resistant, water repellent and pliable.  Designed with the strength and flexibility to protect properties from hurricane-force winds of up to 205 mph, the Wisp system is deployed by pulling down the high-impact shade and securing it to the windowsill. When not in use, the shade rolls neatly into place inside the casing.  Providing everyday benefits as well, the windows and doors deflect significant solar heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter, resulting in energy savings. Available in white or bronze aluminum finishes, the line includes single hungs, picture windows and sliding glass doors.

Also featured in Orlando, Home Manager ST is a new Web-based interface program that allows owners of Wisp windows and doors with integrated hurricane protection to secure their buildings in advance of a storm. Ideal for use in second homes where deployment can occur from thousands of miles away, the technology can be deployed electronically from anywhere in the world. A wireless, cord-free system that closes the shades can be accessed through a Web-based interface using a computer or Android smartphone. Building owners can also schedule and program shades, individually or in groups, to open or close at set times. The automated storm shades can also be operated manually.

Also from HomeRun Holdlings–and said to be the first of their kind in the window coverings industry–QMotion motorized shades operate quietly and are completely free of cords and wires, the supplier states. Available in a wide selection of colors and textures, the shades are said to be affordable for home use, and can also be programmed to operate in groups. The shades can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world, and operate with standard alkaline batteries that are discreetly housed inside the shade tube. Precision steel ball bearings in each shade’s tube reduce the amount of power needed to raise and lower the shade and thereby make batteries last for up to five years, the supplier also points out. Battery power means simple installation with no wires, drywall damage or expensive electrician bills to worry about.

www.wispwindow.com | 877/939-9283



New at IBS this year from Hy-Lite, an operable acrylic block awning window featuring the company’s E3SunBlock meets Energy Star qualifications for most areas of the country. The company also offers operable slider, casement, hopper and single-hung acrylic block windows, as well as operable casements and awnings featuring decorative glass. Designed for ease and speed of installation, the line features low-maintenance vinyl frames. Its range of products provides ventilation and egress, while protecting homeowner privacy.

www.hy-lite.com | 888/256-2599



Round tops are now available for the All Ultrex Series of products. As fiberglass components cannot be bent, the new round top is made of a proprietary glass-reinforced composite material that provides complementary performance to Ultrex's pultruded fiberglass. The new round tops are available in a number of energy-efficient glass options and offer six exterior finishes: Stone White, Pebble Gray, Cashmere, Bronze, Evergreen and Ebony.

The new ISFD 9065 sliding French door is a standard size designed for seamless replacement of most existing aluminum patio doors. Homeowners get the superior strength and energy efficiency of Ultrex pultruded fiberglass, while dealers and remodelers get a quicker, easier replacement job, it is noted. The door provides a good option for those who want the look of a French door where space is tight, the company states.

A new spacer bar option for the Wood-Ultrex Series allows homeowners to combine the classic look of divided lites with the energy efficiency of double-paned glass. SDL bars are permanently adhered to both sides of the glass, while a spacer bar is installed between the glass to create the essence of authentic divided lites.The spacer bar is currently available on products with LoĒ3-366 glazing. Spacer bars are available on all current SDL options/patterns with all currently available SDL cuts and configurations, including equal lite cuts, it is noted.

www.integritywindows.com | 888/419-0076



Three new profiles have been added to IQm’s color-through cellular PVC trim line, including an 8-inch fascia board, brickmould with J-channel, and 5/4 trim with J-channel. Profiles feature the AquaFlex Fin, a no-caulk-required water management feature that channels water down and away from the home to help prevent mold and moisture damage, it is noted. The profiles, which never require painting, are offered in a range of colors including such shades as Vermont Green, Cabernet and Ebony.

www.iqmtrim.com | 888/289-1169



Windows and doors from Kolbe are now offered with Lamboo, an engineered laminated veneer bamboo, as an interior wood option. Selected from more than 1,600 species of bamboo, Lamboo products are manufactured from four of the strongest, fast growing and sustainable species, and can help achieve points in the LEED rating system, it is noted. Similar in density to hard maple, Lamboo has no knots or voids and is pressed into two different grain types, offering a uniform surface that is easy to clean. Windows and doors with the new bamboo interior can be provided in a variety of stain colors and custom-matched finishes.

Demonstrating its continued commitment to energy-efficiency, Kolbe now offers a variety of window products featuring triple pane glass to meet new Energy Star criteria for U.S. and Canadian climate zones. Triple pane glazing is offered on Majesta double hungs, Ultra EP casements and awnings, Windquest EP casements and awnings, as well as other windows and sliding patio doors. Windquest EP vinyl windows and Ultra EP aluminum-clad wood windows can achieve U-factors as low as 0.19, the manufacturer reports.

Also new this year, Kolbe’s Folding Door Systems’ panels fold back against each other to create an expansive opening. The manufacturer’s line provides many options, with the model on display at IBS positioning sliding panels on right side and a matching access door on the left. Both the access and folding door panels showcase a uniform, optional 4 5/8-inch bottom rail to maximize the views even when the doors are closed, and to accommodate a larger size of high-performance LoE2 270 glass. A specially-designed, thermal weep sill enhances the door’s energy efficiency, while optional concealed hardware, architecturally-correct mortised hinges and other design details accentuate its traditional aesthetic, it is noted.

www.kolbe-kolbe.com | 800/955-8177


Products are presented by exhibitor, alphabetically. Follow the following links to see information from other companies.
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