2011 IBS Product Showcase

December 1, 2010
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With its clean lines and recessed hardware, the Clad Ultimate Glider combines elegance and smooth operation to provide a versatile window for many applications. The new auto-locking handle and lock system provides easy one-hand operation, it is noted.  A low handle placement on the window eliminates the need to reach up, providing further ease of use.  The window is offered in seven wood species and 19 exterior clad colors with an integrated weep system for drainage.  Available in several operating configurations, the horizontal sliding window is well suited for kitchen sink areas, near decks and walkways and close lot lines.




Marvin Windows & Doors now offers 13 exterior and four interior grille colors, giving homeowners more design options for their windows and doors. Grilles-between-the-glass are a popular feature that offer the look of divided lites, but with a smooth glass surface for easy cleaning, the manufacturer notes. The colors are available on all wood and aluminum clad wood products.




Tripane with Krypton has been added as an option for Marvin’s most popular window lines, it reports. Triple glazed units use proven construction methods and are offered with a range of low-E coatings suited to specific climate zones. With the new offering, Marvin has more than 800 glazing options certified by NFRC as performing to a U-factor of 0.20 or lower, the company reports.

www.marvin.com | 888/537-7828





Inspired by the latest consumer design trends, Masonite introduced 18 new glass designs to its Wood Door Collection of interior doors at IBS. From the flowing elegance of Oceanic Clear to the artistic feel of Mosaic White, the new glass designs can be integrated into more than 40 door styles and 10 distinctive wood species.


The manufacturer’s new steel security door features three locks in one with a multi-point locking system in a steel opaque door. Shock-absorbing composite jambs flex and absorb shock when forces are applied. Locksets are offered in a variety of designs.






The Hollister two-panel style has been added to the Sta-Tru HD pre-painted and Masonite HD high-definition steel door collections. Panels feature a shallow rounded profile inside traditional panels for added depth and elegance. The expansive upper panel can be adapted to include a beautiful ¾ oval or ¾ rectangle glass lite kit, it is also noted.








Iron Springs provides both the visual and physical weight highly desired in upscale wrought iron designs for entry doors. An organically inspired wrought iron style, it features a substantial ½-inch wide solid square iron bar that creates a stunning look in a variety of architectural motifs. The doorlites also features low-E glass, clear and obscure glass options.





The latest addition to the Barrington Craftsman line, CBT and CBH door series features two new classical glass designs with triple pane construction for increased energy performance. Unique flat caming with a wide bevel creates an authentic Craftsman look.

www.masonite.com | 800/895-2723





Featuring a fir grain, the new Craftsman door line from MasterGrain offers the classic lines that have made the Craftsman style one of the most popular options today. Added features providing flexibility include flush removable fiberglass frames for both doorlites and sidelites. The frames offer an attractive look, and accept 1-inch insulating glass, which enables the door to qualify under the Energy Star Program. An optional integrated dentil shelf enables the shelf to be attached to the door in the manner of a traditional insert, not taped or glued to the surface of the door. The frame also sits on a ledge to give added strength and proper orientation, the supplier points out.  Finally, the removable flush frame design gives the pre-hanger the option of installing multiple lite designs, or to leave the door unglazed for a three-panel appearance

MasterGrain will also be featuring its new SDL components molded in fiberglass.  The new components are available to complement the new Craftsman offering, as well as the company's oak, mahogany and cherry doorlite and sidelity frames.  Options include pre-configured designs as well as linear lengths allowing pre-hangers to provide custom design options.

www.mastergrain.com | 705/527-2939




The Essence Series re-imagines wood windows with a new design that blends the charm of rich wood on the interior with the durability of fiberglass on the exterior. The windows offer features such as a rain management system, the SmartTouch lock and a unique hinge design that combine to provide comfort, convenience and reliability. From Milgard Windows & Doors, the new line is among the most energy efficient wood window lines, receiving an Energy Star rating without any upgrades necessary. Available for new construction and remodeling projects, the line is offered with the manufacturer's full lifetime warranty with glass breakage coverage, it points out. 

Milgard has added new swinging patio door models to its Tuscany Series vinyl product line. Designed to provide a fresh perspective on comfort and style, the line features true stile-and-rail construction that offers matching sight lines and all the architectural details of other products in the line. Doors are available in more than 30 single- and multi-panel configurations with fixed or operable sidelites to optimize lighting and exterior views. Features include a heavy-duty aluminum sub-frame reinforcement, a color-matched aluminum sill plate, heavy-duty astragal to protect against extreme weather and three-point stainless steel locking hardware for increased security and performance.

A new collection of Premium Vinyl Finishes—ivory, chocolate, taupe, and light grey—is now available on Milgard’s Tuscany and Style Line Series windows and Tuscany and Montecito Series patio doors. Vinyl is increasingly specified in higher-end homes, the company points out, and by adding colors that have technically challenged the industry in the past, it is addressing customers’ interest in a more upscale look with all the advantages that vinyl offers. Formulated for durability, the finishes meet the same color and gloss performance standards as Milgard’s standard vinyl colors. Reflecting heat build-up from solar energy— including ultraviolet, infrared and visible light—the finishes assure a straight and stable frame and provide a durable surface that resists scratches and chips to minimize post-install touch-ups, according to the manufacturer.

www.milgard.com | 800/645-4273




The maker of folding and sliding door systems is featuring its new NanaGlass SL25 frameless opening glass wall system designed to be installed on the exterior of balconies, patios, and under second-story decks to create a pleasant living area sheltered from the elements. With no vertical stiles, the NanaGlass system provides uninterrupted views and natural light while forming an insulating air pocket over the building façade, the company explains. Panels easily slide wide open and stack to one or both sides for natural ventilation on a beautiful day or quickly close to protect the balcony, deck or patio from wind, rain, pests, and birds. Individual sliding panels are top-supported in a single track and can ride a fixed balcony railing or extend all the way to the floor. The frameless glass wall system is available in custom sizes and configurations, with individual panel sizes up to 2 feet 7 inches wide by 9 feet 10 inches tall in 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch glass.

www.nanawall.com | 800/873-5673 



The new Eclectic line of doorlites are a fusion of blended cultures, combined forms, and historical elements that enable homeowners to make a fresh and unique personal style statement, according to the supplier. Styles include Bellflower, a blending of classic and old world elements with vibrant color, and Casablanca, which combines Moroccan design influences and a two-color silk screen. The lites are also priced much lower than one might think, the supplier notes. Based on consumer desires for more options within the growing Craftsman style category, ODL has added the Greenfield nature-inspired design. It features oil-rubbed bronze caming, olive and pale amber softwave glass, and reed and hammered glass. The Topaz design provides a simple design, with a hint of bronze glass color, and also provides a lower price-point option. Also new is the Trace doorlite, a classic design created to fit into a more traditionally-designed home. The silkscreened design allows for a lot of light to come into the home while still providing privacy through the front door. It is said to meet a traditionalist’s style needs at a lower price point.

Allowing homeowners to protect their home while adding curb appeal and bringing in natural light, newly-updated ODL Severe Weather Doorglass features a new high-strength aluminum frame that has been redesigned with reinforced corners in a narrower, more attractive profile with screwplugs that are flush with the door. Enabling doorlites to fit into a standard door cutout, the frame comes in an improved standard powder-coated white finish that can be painted or stained. Additionally, the frame’s coating has been improved to eliminate weathering, improving the lifespan of the frame, according to the supplier. The product is said to meet all the impact requirements of a high velocity hurricane zone. 





The TriSys doorlite frame system offers prehangers ease of assembly with a new clip system that enables the cover frame to snap onto the inner frame in seconds. The feature allows for easy adjustments and removal, resulting in shorter lead times and less time spent on field replacements. Designed for standard glass and door cut-out sizes, the TriSys system features a millwork-inspired, homeowner-preferred profile and has the best paint and stain adhesion possible, the company notes. 




ODL Energy Star-qualified tubular skylights can be used in any room in the home where light is limited. The units are now available with the Solar Powered Dimmer, which gives homeowners control over the amount of light entering through their tubular skylight. The tubular skylight also features the manufacturer’s Solar Lens Dome, which gathers sunlight even during low-light hours in the morning, late afternoon, or during the winter, to maximize light into the tube. 


For patio, side and back doors, Triple-Glazed Doorglass Blinds from ODL help increase the home’s energy efficiency while offering a solution for controlling light and privacy. Sealed between tempered glass, the doorlites with blinds fit any décor and need. The blinds are located on the inside of the home for operational control and the internal muntin faces out for curb appeal. Equipped with a LightTouch control (located on the frame), the blinds are easily raised, lowered and titled to regulate light and privacy–all without any exposed cords

www.odl.com | 800/769-0759


Products are presented by exhibitor, alphabetically. Follow the following links to see information from other companies.
Companies A-FCompanies G-KCompanies P-S Companies T-Z

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