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Welcome to Window & Door's ongoing coverage of the 2012 International Builders' Show. This section of our site provides an in-depth look at windows, doors and skylights, as well as components and accessories showcased by industry exhibitors at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., February 8-11, 2012

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Bella Fleur

EnsoGlass panels are designed to provide both form, function and beauty for a variety of applications, including windows, doors, skylights, room dividers and jalousies.  Offered in translucent to opaque versions, the panels combine real flowers, reeds, grasses and leaves with hand-made and machine made materials for sun control and even power generation by encapsulating photovoltaic solar cells, the manufacturer states.  From Belle Fleur Corp., the product features a Solid-Core, the supplier notes, which means there is no lamination and the panels are not only resistant to damage from moisture, humidity, extreme conditions, but they are also more than 100 times stronger than regular glass.

www.bellafleur.com | 503/828-9878


Brio USA

The Weatherfold 4s is a fourth generation architectural hardware system for exterior folding doors, developed by Brio in Australia and now supplied to the U.S. market through a manufacturing facility in Rochester, N.Y. Featured at IBS, the hardware package includes pivot sets, hanger sets, hinge sets, top track, bottom channel, locking and flush bolt options. The system features four panel weight capacities–110, 165, 220 and 300 pounds–and is suitable for aluminum, wood and PVC panels, both inward or outward opening, the supplier reports. Folding doors can spans up to 13 feet 1 inch high and 64 feet 3 inches wide, with up to 8 equal size panels folding in each direction.

The Brio 612 retractable pleated insect screen is said to be the largest single span insect screen of its type in the world. A single screen can span widths up to 14 feet 9 inches and two meeting screens can span an opening up to 29 feet 6 inches. Independent of any particular window or door system, the screen can be integrated into folding doors, sliding doors, French doors and many windows, offering both a discreet appearance and operation, the manufacturer notes. The screen is tailor made to integrate seamlessly into the company's Weatherfold 4s exterior folding door hardware system. Using the latest European PVC coated polyester mesh with UV protection technology, screens come in black, grey and white with custom colors also available.

www.briousa.com | 855/586-6251




Cerfis technology, which provides a superior surface with a variety of substrates and coatings, was featured at IBS on Finished Elegance, amoulding and trim product manufactured by Woodgrain Millwork. With a super-smooth surface virtually unattainable on conventional millwork, the product features a durable, water-resistant finish that is also a time-saver for both do-it-yourselfers and professional finish carpenters, the supplier explains. Installation is as simple as cutting, nailing, and caulking, with finish eliminating the need for several coats of paint and the sanding between them. From Eastman Chemical Co., Cerfis technolology also has potential on door jambs and window frames. A proprietary continuous process results in precise dimensions and tighter tolerances while enhancing product aesthetics, performance, and consistency, the company reports. It can also add strength to substrates and hide imperfections, enabling manufacturers to construct their products with more reliable and cost-effective materials, including MDF, wood, fiberboard, OSB, particleboard, composites, plastics, and metal.


Leveraging the company’s extensive 80-year history in acetylation, Perennial Wood is real wood modified  to resist changes from moisture, such as shrinking, swelling and movement. TruLast Technology permanently transforms the wood’s cellular structure throughout by using heat, pressure and an organic compound to replace the water-loving (hydrophilic) groups in the wood’s cells with water-hating (hydrophobic) groups, the supplier explains. The product remains straighter, smoother and harder, while maintaining the wood’s natural appearance. The wood is being introduced for decking, but Eastman is also offering to manufacturers of windows and doors and other outdoor products. 




Handi-Seal Window & Door Sealant is now offered in a 12-ounce can for smaller jobs, offering the same product quality and reliability as the larger size products. From Fomo Products, the closed cell, low pressure build window and door foam is compliant with AAMA 812-04, indicating that it does not post expand or shrink more or less than 10 percent, thus portraying dimensional stability and will not bow window and doors, the supplier states. Unlike open cell formulas that absorb and trap water, the product features a Dry Seal Technology said to prevent moisture and mold problems by repelling water.






Ten fiberglass woodgrain options, designed to provide a realistic wood appearance, even up close, will be featured by GlassCraft Door Co. at IBS.  Consumers can choose, not just from the usual oak, mahogany, cherry and fir; but also from options like rustic oak, antique cherry, Pacific knotty alder, American black walnut, and more. The new woodgrain textures and color finishes respond to consumers’ growing demand for more realistic and warmer look and feel of wood, without compromising durability and sustainability, it states. Using a silicone casting with unique nickel vapor deposition technology, the GlassCraft doors capture the truest woodgrain detail and depth of color, it states.

Booth W1043 | www.glasscraft.com | 713/690-8282





The new DecoGuard window from Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Co., is said to be the industry’s first impact-resistant, decorative glass window that offers remodelers and builders both safe and stylish protection from the dangers associated with hurricanes and tropical storms. The window meets the stringent building code requirements for Gulf and coastal regions according to “wind zone 4” specifications, the company reports. Constructed from a heavy-duty vinyl frame and impact-resistant laminated insulated glass, the 48-inch square designer window has an elegant floral design pattern that is kiln-fired directly onto the interior glass for long lasting beauty and durability. The windows are offered with white, tan, driftwood and bronze frames.

Booth W2721 | www.hy-lite.com | 888/256-2599



A factory-installed window opening control device to meet the ASTM F2090-­10 standard is now available on Wood-­Ultrex and and All-Ultrex casement windows. Developed in response to increasing media and legislative focus on child safety and fall prevention, the hardware
meets the standard by limiting the window opening to 4 inches unless overridden in a two‐step process. The limiter also resets automatically each time the window is closed.

The manufacturer reports that the Ultrex coating system on Integrity from Marvin Windows & Doors is the first and only window finish to be listed under the verified components list of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association for specifications 623‐10, 624‐10 and 625‐10. In addition, AAMA has verified that the Ultrex coating system meets all the requirements of specification 623‐10 and has completed the performance requirements for specifications 624-­10 and 625‐10. (Long-­term outdoor weathering performance tests for 624‐10 and 625‐10 are currently in progress.) 

The Wood-Ultrex line, including bays, bows, casements, awnings, double hungs, gliders, transoms, and polygons, is now offered in custom sizes in increments of 1/64-inch.  All current product options are available on special size units, including SDL with spacer bar, prefinished white interior, and a variety of extension jamb depths along with a new pre‐drilled through-­jamb installation option. Offered with the manufacturer's 10-day lead time, the special sizes open the product line to a new market, as the wood and pultruded fiberglass products can now be supplied to provide a perfect fit
for replacement projects, the manufacturer notes.

Integrity gliders are now available in dual- and triple-sash configurations, in both standard and special sizes. A product line expansion for both its  Wood‐Ultrex and All-Ultrex gliders enables the products to be used in numerous new residential and commercial applications. Triple-sash units are manufactured with the traditional 25:50:25 sash ratio for a clean, measured and classic aesthetic, the company notes. 

www.integritywindows.com | 888/419-0076




Contemporary Custom Wood Doors raise the style temperature a few extra degrees with the best of modern design, plus options that can add warmth and distinctive style, the manufacturer states. Available species choices for Jeld-Wen Custom Wood interior and exterior doors include mahogany, alder, walnut, cherry, maple, fir as well as exotic wood, which can be highlighted with a variety of finishes–ranging from the deepest dark to lighter shades. Depending on the desired look, homeowners can accentuate unique woodgrains or downplay variation to achieve a more unified appearance. Customization capabilities also include accents such as decorative glass and metallic inlays, available in stainless steel or copper. Each design element can be used to either enhance a very modern, sleek look, or help add a sense of warmth by incorporating more traditional, classic features.


Jeld-Wen has introduced a variety of enhancements to its Custom Wood Double-Hung to provide a streamlined design, as well as added convenience and safety. As a standard option, the interior jambliner (exposed track) can be covered with matching interior wood species and finish, delivering a cleaner, more historically accurate design.  A concealed tilt latch delivers both a stylish look and maximum convenience, allowing the window to tilt for easy cleaning while achieving a DP rating of up to 50, while also offering both one-hand operation and a clean lock rail appearance, the manufacturer reports.  New options include a heftier 3½-inch bottom rail to add stylistic substance and a window opening control device designed to meet the latest safety codes, by limiting the bottom sash opening to 4 inches for controlled ventilation.

www.jeld-wen.com | 800/535-3936


Products are presented by exhibitor, alphabetically. Follow the following links to see information from other companies: