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Welcome to Window & Door's coontinuing coverage of the 2013 International Builders' Show. This section of our site provides an in-depth look at some of the windows, doors and skylights, as well as components and accessories showcased by industry exhibitors at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 22-24, 2013.

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NuStain is a high-performance, ultra low VOC stain system formulated for fiberglass and composite products.  Offering a quick drying time, the finish allows both sides of a fiberglass door to be stained in one day.  The product's molecular bonding, solar reflectance and non-yellowing clear coat offer superior adhesion and UV performance compared to traditional solvent-based hand staining technologies, the supplier states. Stain color options include mahogany, dark oak, walnut, cherry, teak and dark mahogany.

Also from AquaSurtech OEM, D200 is a high performance single application exterior water-based coating system designed for direct application (no primer) to PVC, cellular PVC, fiberglass and aluminum.  Extremely fast air dry and quick clean up provide a low cost process suited to both
in-factory and on-site application, the company reports.  D200 is formulated with heat reflective pigments to minimize heat gain for dark colors,
and is considered non–hazardous by EPA standards.

www.aquasurtech-oem.com | 905/856-6336




Used to coat rough openings around windows and doors, DuPont Tyvek Fluid-Applied Flashing - Brush Formulation is a brush-applied elastomeric flashing material said to provide an ideal combination of air and water holdout with vapor permeability. The single-component material offers fast and easy one-coat application, and exhibits extremely low shrinkage during curing, reducing the amount of product needed to complete installation, the manufacturer reports. The new flashing material is part of a complete, integrated weather barrier system, all backed by a limited warranty from DuPont, the supplier notes.

800/448-9835 | www.tyvek.dupont.com




The Z-Series Articulating Cap Sill from Endura Products combines a spring-loaded sill cap and a custom door bottom that provides a self-adjusting entry door sill system which overcomes “real world” conditions, according to the supplier.  Either as a result of door unit assembly practices, door installation, settling of the house or throughout the subsequent use of a door, the seal between the sill cap and the door bottom, which limits air and water infiltration of the door unit, can be broken. By self-adjusting–articulating ± ⅛-inch under any conditions–the ZAC cap and door bottom eliminates the need for a builder and/or homeowner to use adjustment screws to fine-tune the seal between the sill and the door bottom using traditional adjustable systems. The new cap and door bottom can also be retrofitted to any installed Z Series sill to address problem installations in the field, the company notes.

www.enduraproducts.com | 800/334-2006




Combining the strongest and most energy efficient building technologies with Four Seasons' industry leading glazing technologies, the Four Seasons Hampton Room bridges the gap between a contemporary sunroom or conservatory and a traditional room addition, the manufacturer reports. With more privacy than an all-glass sunroom or conservatory and more dramatic light than a traditional room addition, the room design makes it simple to match the exterior siding and interior finishes of the new addition to the existing structure, enabling the room to appear to be an integral part of the home and not an add-on afterthought.  Using structural insulated panel (SIP) technology with Four Seasons windows and doors provides homeowners with a level of flexibility and customization within an economical modular framework that is not available in a standard sunroom or conservatory addition, the company also notes.


Inspired by Italian Renaissance design, the Loggia Room addition combines Conservaglass Select glazing with a robust wall system that offers both style and solidity.  Offered in a color palette that can harmonize with an existing structure or accentuate the difference, the rooms are available with such design options as floor-to-ceiling glass or a low-wall perimeter and French or bi-fold doors.  Units also feature internal walls and ceilings to create a "real room" feel, it is noted.

www.fourseasonssunrooms.com | 800/368-7732




An expanding variety of architectural windows and grilles, as well as a new commercial, aluminum-clad outswing door, were featured by FrontLine Building Products in Las Vegas.  Windows can be produced in many shapes and sizes, with exterior options that include wood, primed wood, extruded aluminum or cellular PVC.  Interiors can be made in a wide variety of wood species, as well as cellular PVC.  A variety of glazing options are available, including decorative glass.  Wood and aluminum custom grilles, including simulated divited lite, are produced in a variety of patterns.


The supplier of entry door cladding, transoms and historic restoration windows also introduced a new pre-clad entry door frame with 16-guage aluminum pre-applied.  The frame can be supplied stuffed with weatherseal and pre-routed for hinge and latch bore as well.  The wood portion of the jamb is treated with Woodlife 111 and the bottom 6 inches has a green-treated foot, with Endura FrameSaver available as well, the supplier notes. The jamb gets assembled in the same way as a wood jamb, but the cladding is already applied to reduce shop labor.

www.frontlinebldg.com | 713/690-8282




The manufacturer of skai profile laminates for windows, patio doors and facades featured a variety of new offerings at the International Builders’ Show. It will feature two additions to its Metbrush profile film line, which offer the look of brushed metal. Chocolate and mocha are being added to supplement the line of classic metal colors, enabling the Hornschuch to provide the commercial and architectural window market with additional possibilities, it states.


The company also showed its new Matte line, which offers the look of a powder coated aluminum window. The fine matte look, offered in 12 colors, lies in a special embossing process that creates the pebble finish, the supplier notes. It will also feature skai Avellino, offering the looks of rust and slate. The film is offered in response to the growing popularity of finishes from the garden.

The Hornschuch product line incorporates cool colors technology, which provides a clear reduction in the heating of the profiles in intense sunlight. Especially important on dark coated window profiles, special pigments reflect up to 80 percent of infrared solar radiation and reduce heating of the profile surfaces by 20 percent and more. The supplier will be demonstrating the technology in Las Vegas, using a thermographic camera and an IR-camera to capture the thermal image and heat reflection properties. It will also show its cool colors plus, which adds a white film laminated onto the bottom to provide additional improvement, especially on a dark substrate.

540/678 5566 | www.hornschuch.com




The manufacturer of acrylic block windows introduced SunBlock Plus, its latest upgrade in energy efficiency at IBS in Las Vegas. A new formula incorporates more powerful UV-inhibitors to reduce solar heat gain coefficients to as low as .19.  The new blocks are available in 8 x 8 x 1½ inch and 9 x 9 x 1½ inch acrylic block sizes and can be custom-cut to fit virtually any size or shape opening.

Hy-Lite also showcased a new entry in the decorative glass category: the Bath-Lite Series.  Offered with the Aurora design, the new series features the elegance and beauty homeowners want, while giving them the privacy and value pricing they need, the manufacturer states.

Also in the Hy-Lite IBS 2013 booth was its DecoGuard hurricane impact-resistant decorative glass window, as well as a broad range of privacy window product offerings including, acrylic block door inserts, interior acrylic block shutters and fully operable decorative glass windows in many shapes, sizes and specifications.

888/256-2599 | www.hy-lite.com





The strength and performance of Ultrex pultruded fiberglass is now featured in durable, easy-to-install exterior trim products for Integrity Windows & Doors, the manufacturer reports.  Offering consistent low maintenance, the trim features a finish three times thicker than competitive finishes to resist scratching and marring. It also provides five times the UV resistance to protect against fading, chalking, streaking and cracking, according to the company. Field-applied factory pre-cut kits or lineal lengths are available in all six of Integrity’s AAMA-certified finish colors with either brickmould, flat or sill nose profiles.

New Simulated Checkrail SDL bars for Wood-Ultrex Series windows provide a solution for projects where the aesthetic requirements or architectural considerations would call for a double hung product, but egress compliance or specific energy performance can not met by a double hung is required. Available on casements, awnings, casement pictures, gliders, direct glaze rectangles and double hung pictures, simulated checkrail bars combined with a wide array of 7/8-inch SDLs lite cut patterns above and/or below create a wide range of design possibilities. Interior checkrails are available as bare wood or with a prefinished white interior, with a profile matching the sash cope. Exterior checkrails are matched to exterior colors, with profiles matching those of existing 7/8-inch SDL bars. Spacer Bars are available with the simulated checkrail on standard Wood-Ultrex products, but not on impact and certain triple-pane units, it is noted.

Responding to the trend toward urbanization and greater density, Integrity windows and doors are offered with expanded options in Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) products. Available across a wide range of Integrity products, these sound abatement options will meet the needs of both residential and commercial buildings. Standard sound abatement features include
a new 3.1 mm/4.7 mm variable thickness STC/OITC glass upgrade available on both Wood-Ultrex and All Ultrex products, including standard glass and divided lite options.

www.integritywindows.com | 888/419-0076




The manufacturer of the Jamsill Guard sill pan flashing celebrated 30 years of protection against water intrusion at this year's International Builders' Show.  Developed in 1983, the pre-fabricated sill pan flashing features a multi-piece overlapping design that allows the installer on-site adjustability and remains much more user friendly than comparable products, according to the supplier.  The Jamsill Guard is available in eight different depths to accommodate most door and window applications.

www.jamsill.com | 800/526-7455




The manufacturer has bolstered its fiberglass door lineup with added species and panel designs, available in a greater array of widths and heights, and unveiled even more realistic woodgrains at IBS. Its Smooth-Pro and textured Design-Pro collections are undergoing changes in their manufacturing technologies that translate to improved aesthetics and much more variety, the company explains.  One change in the Smooth-Pro line is the introduction of direct glazed designs, which maximize the daylight-viewing area and provide a flush frame profile around the glass for a clean, modern look.


Jeld-Wen has also re-engineered and expanded its Architectural Fiberglass collection, and now offers mahogany, fir, and unique walnut wood grain. Silicone molds are used to capture the woodgrain, with the company using a proprietary process that allows the unique woodgrain pattern to be directly transferred from a wood door to a fiberglass facing, without the intermediate transfer to metal dies. The same technology used in to produce doors in the  Aurora Custom Fiberglass line, offering custom sizes, unique panel designs and custom hand-applied finishes. Aurora doors come with many options including radius/arch tops, intricate carvings, art glass, antique and distressed finishes, and decorative metal accents such as clavos and straps.


An expanded line of EverTone exterior finishes is now available on Jeld-Wen's Premium, Builders and Brickmould vinyl products. The seven new colors coordinate with the manufacturer's clad-wood window and patio door colors, allowing homeowners to have the option to coordinate different product lines and material types, yet still achieve a seamless look.


Launched in Las Vegas, the W-2500 clad wood window can meet Energy Star criteria in all four climate zones in the U.S., without requiring a pricey upgrade to more expensive glass packages in the Northern zone, the manufacturer reports.  The windows incorporate insulating barriers between the inside and outside of a frame to limit the transfer of hot and cold. A multi-chamber sill and the vinyl extrusion thermal break are two of the enhancements on the double-hung. The casement boasts more wood in the frame, utilizes an improved sill thermal break and a recessed sash that moves the glass plane to help reduce heat and cold transfer.  The line offers seven exterior clad colors, three exterior trim options, five stain colors, four paint options, primed, clear lacquer or natural wood interior and seven hardware finish options.


The manufacturer has recently expanded its Impressions line of molded interior doors with new  Magnetic Chalkboard and Mirror door options.  Featuring a classic schoolhouse-black chalkboard that doubles as a magnetic bulletin board, the magnetic door provides a versatile choice for many rooms within the home, as well as such locations as a teacher’s lounge or business office. The large utility surface is made of durable steel pre-painted with chalk-ready paint.  The mirror door offers a true design benefit as it creates the effect of a bigger room and extra space wherever needed—in small bathrooms, bedrooms, and narrow hallways, the company points out. Homeowners choosing either the chalkboard or mirror for one side of the door can select one of 16 interior molded facing designs on the other. 


Other recent introductions from Jeld-Wen include the Madison molded interior door, featuring a recessed, one-panel design with handcrafted details found in traditional wood doors.  The new design accommodates a wide range of architectural styles, from Craftsman to contemporary, and accentuates any décor, the manufacturer states. Simple, clean lines suit both traditional and modern looks because of its recessed panel and non-profiled sticking. The door comes with a smooth, ready-to-paint primed surface. Available in bi-fold, narrow or passage styles, the door is offered in a budget-friendly hollow core version or with ProCore The Quiet Door solid door construction for improved sound control.

www.jeld-wen.com | 800/535-3936




The Cheatah door installation tool uses integrated levels and built-in spacers that allow users to fine-tune every unique installation, the company states.  To use, the tool is clicked onto the door and set into position; then the attached levels are used and the door is fastened into place, eliminating the need to juggle 6-foot levels or trying to balance the door while attempting to keep everything square, the supplier notes. Each part is designed to keep the appropriate space around the door during installation, helping to ensure the reveal between the door and jamb stays perfect and keep the space parallel and plumb so doors operate properly every time.

218/947-4300 | www.jentratools.com



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