The 2018 Industry Pulse

Emily Kay Thompson and Kelly Smith
January 25, 2018
FEATURE ARTICLE | Markets & Trends

Window & Door welcomes in the new year with its annual Industry Pulse report, taking stock of 2017 and looking to what 2018 has in store. 

The past two years of the survey have taken a marked turn from those earlier in the industry’s recovery process from the Great Recession. Themes have morphed from a skeptical optimism regarding the general construction and remodeling outlook of an economy in recovery to a thriving market demand. Concerns about having the business to employ workers, likewise, transformed into trepidation over having the workers to keep up with demand. If 2017 could be summed up in a phrase, many would agree it should be “Help Wanted.”

While the labor issue undoubtedly continues to be the top concern, the conversation has changed its tone from stymied and frustrated to solutions-oriented and creative. And, as evidenced by the statistics, the industry continues to evolve, innovate and grow despite the challenges. Sales are widely up, companies are seeking to hire and there are more products available to the market than ever before.

Read on for not only the numbers that paint a picture of prosperity in the immediate future, but also for industry commentary from the trenches that tell the whole story.

A Record Year for Storms
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