The 2019 Industry Pulse

By Emily Kay Thompson and Norah Dick, Window & Door magazine
January 7, 2019
FEATURE ARTICLE | Markets & Trends

Window & Door welcomes in the new year with its annual Industry Pulse report, taking stock of 2018 and looking to what 2019 may have in store. But charting the trends and keeping tabs on the overall health of the market isn’t just a new years tradition. It serves as a record for our space within the building products industry. While the highly respected economists who share their insights in the economic overview, Economic Insights, can speak to much more encompassing trends and data, Window & Door complements this overall tenor with a focus in on fenestration. 

This year’s survey of window and door manufacturers, dealers and suppliers revealed that the industry continues on a slightly upward trajectory. The figures on the next pages illustrate a steady market faring moderately better than the year before. Manufacturers indicate they will invest in added production capacity and plan to launch new products. 

Still, even with the Great Recession getting smaller and smaller in the rearview window, fenestration professionals are cautious about the road ahead. Our survey respondents echo the concerns of the greater market, naming labor availability, rising materials costs and keeping up with demand as their biggest challenges for the coming year. On the following pages, you’ll see statistics that speak to these trends as well as commentary from the industry on where we are, where we’re headed and what we need to do to get there as an industry. 

Employment Trends
Sales Trends & Demand
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